193. Inside Ambar’s, The Major Minor Designer, Bag

Ambar Pratiwi is one of the people behind Major Minor.  After graduated from ESMOD Jakarta, she works alongside  Ari and Sari Seputra, and Inneke Margarethe to run the brand.  I am a fan of Major Minor pieces because if you want something unique, different, edgy but not too crazy, I suggest you to take a look at this brand.

For this article, it is Ambar’s turn!  We had the time to “bother” her and ask to bring out her bag and show us what’s inside.  :D

The Bag :

Alexander Wang.  She loves this bag because it has sections in it so she can put and organize her stuff easily.  She said this bag is very comfortable to carry around throughout the day, and the black color goes well with any outfits she wears.  I have to admit Ambar does a very good job because she only carries the essential stuff.

The Contents :

  • Makeup Pouch. Read what’s inside Amabar’s makeup pouch here.
  • Harper & Smith Zipper Wallet that she bought at The Goods Dept.  She has more than one in different colors.  She said this wallet can pack anything: money, cards, bills, passport, even thin notes and a pen.  A very multitasker wallet.
  • Mini notebook.
  • Hair tie.
  • Hair Clip.
  • iPhone 4s with a very cute case.
  • Key.
  • External Hard Disk.