Tried & Tested: Ouidad Mediterranean Bay Leaf Exfoliating Hair & Scalp Treatment – No More Oily Scalp!

I never paid too much attention to my scalp because  I used to think  that if I washed my hair regularly, I wouldn’t face any problems.

I wash my hair once a day and use conditioner twice a week or every other day.  Sometimes, on the weekends, I even use hair mask to treat my hair.  But hey, those things are not enough to keep my scalp away from THE “problem”.  I can’t remember when it all started, but one day I realized my scalp was oily.  And what I mean is SUPER oily.  I thought it was because of the heat. You know, Jakarta’s weather sometimes gets crazy.  Not to mention, here in Indonesia, we’re facing humidity everyday.  So I thought it’s normal to have oily scalp at that moment.  Later this night when I wash my hair, this oil will be gone. I…was…wrong.

In fact, the opposite happened.  It was getting worse.  The oil moved down to my hair, especially around the crown area.  I tried new shampoos and they did nothing to help reduce the oiliness.  Some days, I would wash my hair twice a day because I couldn’t stand the greasiness on my scalp.  It bothered me non-stop and seriously, ladies, it was frustrating.  And I felt less confident because I had oily scalp and hair.

The fact is, everybody produces oil in their scalp.  It is normal, and it is good because the oil actually helps the hair looks shiny and healthy.  But in my case, my scalp produced more oil than normal, probably due to stress, pollution, food, imbalanced hormones, or my bad scratching habit and my fingers managed to pick up the oil from the scalp and distributed it to my hair.  Those things may have contributed to this problem.

As I’ve said earlier, I’ve tried different shampoos and I couldn’t find one bottle that could help me.  Until the day when I got the Salon Series by Ouidad Mediterranean Bay Leaf Exfoliating Hair & Scalp Treatment.  My hair savior!  I got this from Sephora The Shoppes Marina Bay Sands when I was there last month for the VIP Fashion Night.  This one stood out the most because my eyes caught its title “Scalp Treatment”. :D

What It Claims :

  • Helps clear scalp & follicles of buildup & residue to help promote healthy hair growth.
  • Soothes and improves the condition of the scalp.
  • Natural actives helps keep scalp clean and inspires healthier hair growth.
  • Enriched with a botanical complex of Fennel Seed Extract to increase micro-circulation and oxygen flow to the root.

How to Use :

I simply use it after I wash m hair. Rub the product gently and massage it on the scalp for 1 – 3 minutes.  Then rinse it off. I can use conditioner afterwards if I want to.  I use Ouidad Mediterranean Bay Leaf Exfoliating Hair & Scalp Treatment two or three times a week.  The texture of this product is similar to body scrub, but not too thick.

The Verdict :

I’ve been using this product for one and a half month, and I can tell you this product is SO good.  I wish I knew it sooner!  It has a fruity scent, but not too overpowering.  It works amazingly well- no more excess oil,  my crown area is free from oil as well, and I can feel my scalp is clean, fresh, and better.  On top of that, I can wash my hair every other day now.  Thanks to Ouidad Mediterranean Bay Leaf Exfoliating Hair & Scalp Treatment! Will I repurchase this? Absolutely!  If any of the Female Daily crew goes overseas, the first thing I would do is ask them (very nicely) to buy it for me at Sephora. :D

If you have the same problem, go ahead try it, ladies.  We can also find any exfoliating hair & scalp treatment product in Indonesia.  I went to Watsons yesterday and saw that they sell some hair-scalp treatments there.  When I run out of this Ouidad Mediterranean Bay Leaf Exfoliating Hair & Scalp Treatment, I’ll probably try a similar one that I can easily get in our country for the meantime.  Feel free to leave your recommendation in the comment box below if you have tried any great scalp treatments.


How much? Ouidad Mediterranean Bay Leaf Exfoliating Hair & Scalp Treatment (6 ounce) retails for US$36.