Carrolina Herrera Collection Brings Thunder to Singapore

Mid May was a great week because I got the chance to attend Audi Fashion Festival, part of Asia Fashion Exchange. The event was held on 15-19 May 2013 in Singapore. I arrived just on the right day, the opening day which was also the day where the Audi Fashion Festival press conference was held. I woke up early that day as the chance of meeting Carolina Herrera in person kept my spirit awake. She was the opening show for the festival and it was a night to remember. In fact, the whole week was really something to remember as I learnt a lot – not only I got the chance to see the latest collection from world-class designers, but I also got the chance to understand the details behind the industry from attending sessions from the Asia Fashion Summit. But first things first, the opening show!

Hanzky and I with Carrolina Herrera, feels like a dream come true!

Carolina Herrera attended the press conference in her legendary white shirt signature look with a breathtaking red skirt. It convinces me that indeed white and red are perfect together. At the age of 74, nobody embodies the word “graceful” as perfectly as she does. This Venezuelan lady brought with her to Singapore her Fall 2013 collection of the Carolina Herrera New York and CH Carolina Herrera collection encompassing selections for women’s, men’s and accessories collection. This recent collection was inspired by music, with everything beginning very light and as it goes to crescendo, so does the pieces started to unravel a more dramatic turns. Nature seems to be in sync with the collection and background music of the Carolina Herrera collection that night, as the heavy rain followed by thunder sends shiver when the collection elevates to a more breathtaking pieces. The attention especially fall into the waist silhouette and the details on the shoulders.

At the press conference, Herrera said,  ”I have a responsibility to the women of today – to make her feel confident, modern and above all else, beautiful.”  The collection is all that and more.