Lipstick Monday: Shiseido Perfect Rouge RS320

When I ransacked the Major Minor ladies’ makeup pouches (and bags :p), I found they have big love for Shiseido Perfect Rouge lipstick.  I haven’t tried any Shiseido lipsticks before, so this made me very curious.  Why do they love it?  What makes it so special?  Both Ambar and Inneke said it is perfect for their dry lips, soo I thought it only normal *ahem* that I had to own at least have one.

Three weeks ago, Deszell demanded me and Dhany to go out on Friday night, just three of us.   After some delicious pasta, we thought that the moment would not be complete without checking out the nearest department store in the neighbourhood, so we went to Lippo Mall Kemang and I was compelled to swing by the Shiseido counter.

I swatched a lot of lip products there and had a hard time choosing between a nude and bright pink; but when you go with your ladies, they can help tell which one looks the best on you.  :) So after the confirmation from Deszell and Dhany, I decided to go with Shiseido Perfect Rouge RS320.

As far as appearances go, the packaging looks very simple, nothing pretty at the first glance.  The tube’s color comes in a very deep purple, looking almost like black.  The brand name is visible on the bottom sticker, on the side of the cap, and on the inner tube.  But when I looked and felt the weight on my palm, the packaging was curved in a beautiful and subtle way that made the overall appearance look simple but classy.  One of the things I loved came in removing and closing the cap:  the cap closes in a smooth motion, and you don’t hear the “click” sound that you do when you replace the cap on other lipsticks.

I chose RS320 Fuschia, and yep, it came in a bright pink fuschia color.  The formula is amazing, creamy without making my lips not look like I just ate fried food. I have dry flaky skin on my lips, so that’s always concern to me when I’m trying new lipstick.  Does it accentuate my dry lips?  Is it comfortable for long hours?  No and yes. :)  It provides very nice hydration.  I confirm to you the same thing that the Major Minor ladies told  me: this particular line is a best friend to dry lips.

The pigmentation is amazing.  I only need one swipe each for top and bottom lip.  That’s all I need.  I think for a full day, I re-applied this lipstick only three times, right after lunch and dinner.  Even though the color is so bright, this is the one that I’ve been wearing the most since the day I bought it.  Oh, and let me tell you, this lipstick is very easy to apply.  Just a little wipe on the outer lips and I’m ready to go.  You know how intimidating the bright/bold color lipsticks, right?  I have to check my reflection carefully before I walk out the door.  Somehow the formula in this lipstick makes it easy to blend with my lips, so it takes literally only 8 seconds for me to get nice bright lips.

I’m lovin’ it overall and highly recommend this especially to those of you who have dry lips.  Shiseido Perfect Rouge lipstick comes in a variety of colors, and now I’m really thinking about buying it in another shade, like a nude or a less-bright neutral color.  Any recommendations, Ladies? If you have an all-time favorite lipstick feel free to tell us in the comment box below! :)