Tuesday Timepiece: ToyWatch Plasteramic #Teal

One of my habits when buying things is that I have a tendency to get the same item in different colors (the same blouse in different colors, something like sort). That’s just my trait which some may call nuts, but that’s just the way I am, and probably always will be.

Last time, I showed you my ToyWatch Plasteramic in neon Violet. Today, I’m going to share you the same watch in a lovely Teal color. Here’s a little background story. I received my order for the Violet and went to the boutique in Plaza Indonesia to get it resized. Lo and behold, I saw it there, sitting nicely inside the glass box. Teal. I didn’t need any persuasion. I asked the salesperson to wrap that up.

The color is just mesmerizing. I always have a soft spot for teals (I seem to say the exact same to every colors, don’t I?). And on that year, the jewel tones were on trend. So, getting this was like killing two birds with one stone. Again, this is incredibly lightweight. Perfect for on the go.

This teal color, despite pretty, is actually a little tricky to wear. I find that the Violet one is easier to be integrated in my wardrobe. I’m not sure whether it’s my wardrobe or my skin tone. That being said, this looks best when paired with outfits of other jewel tones (ruby, amethyst, citrine, etc). For bright colors, chartreuse, tangerine, and fuchsia will serve as a complimentary color to this teal. As for neutrals, beige, cool browns and taupes will be a great base for this teal; a fresh pop of color.

There was another color that I was eyeing on, amethyst. I could’ve gotten it. Then I thought I have enough colored watches for now. ;)

So ladies, are you still in the trend of colored watches? What do you have?