Can’t Get Enough of: Blushes!

For those of you long timers who roam in the makeup threads, you would know that mikimoto is the queen of blush. Even Lena concurs. In this post, mikimoto will share her bits and pieces about her obsession. Even I can’t wait for this.

Could you tell us when and how did this obsession started?

About 3-4 years ago, right around the time I joined FD. I have always had a love for make-up (and all things pretty).

What is it with blush?

First of all, blush is the one make-up item I actually use on a daily basis beside eyebrow pencil. Second, blushes come in so many different colors, textures, and finishes. The variety is endless. A good blush instantly enlivens your complexion. The best thing about blush is I’ve never seen a woman that doesn’t look good with it. :D

Is there anything particular that you seek when buying a new blush?

Unique color, attractive design, and sometimes beautiful packaging. Beautiful doesn’t have to be elaborate; take Burberry for example. They’re pretty simple, yet very chic. I call it an understated elegance.

Lots of MAC and NARS blushes

Spotted: Edward Bess, Le Métier de Beauté, Tarte Cheek Stains, Dior Rosy Glow

What makes a good quality blush?

It has to be smooth, blends perfectly into the skin instead of sitting on it (I hate patchy blushes!), stays on for a reasonably good amount of time (5-6 hours at least). I know many people opt for a pigmented blush, but less pigmented blush is good too as long as it has the qualities I mentioned above. Heavy-handed girls can benefit from less pigmented blushes. Another important thing is the blush should not oxidize, but it really depends on your skin and/or other products that you put on with it.

Spill, how many blush do you have now?  How do you store them?

I recently gave away over 20 blushes and got rid of a few cream blushes that dried up, so I’d say a little below 200? I have backups for some blushes I really like. Yes, I’m a little crazy like that. I store them in a chest.

mikimoto's chest. Now hands up if you want to raid what's inside.

What’s your favorite blush(es)?

I really like Le Métier de Beauté Blush Kaleidoscope. I get several colors and finishes out of one compact. I don’t have a backup for this one (yet). I like Chanel and MAC blushes a lot.

With the amount of blush that you have, how in the world do you choose which one to wear everyday?

I usually take out a few blushes from different color groups and put them in my daily makeup tray (along with lipsticks and eye shadows). But, by the end of the week I almost always end up with more items in the tray. And they get disorganized. :D

Little basket tray for daily makeup. Illamasqua and Chanel spotted.



So there you go. These are, I believe, only a fraction of mikimoto’s collection. I think I’m going to go straight to blush heaven if I see her whole collection. Blush is one of the easiest makeup items to be collected. The statement is true for me. There’s always a room for another say, coral blush, don’t you think? FYI, I don’t own that many, just because I’m picky like that. But blush is something that I always have my eye on when browsing for makeup. And I still have that desire to collect all Burberry blushes.

So fess up ladies, how many blushes do you have? :D