Can’t Get Enough of: Red Lipsticks!

Over the forum, specifically in the makeup section, we have a thread called RED – LIPS & KISSES that goes on so fast I can’t keep up sometimes. The ladies share their enthusiasm over red lipsticks and LOTDs are almost posted daily. Let’s meet with the lady who created this buzz, angelajess!

Could you tell us when and how did this obsession started?

It all started because of photography. My boyfriend has always liked and good at taking photos, and his favorites were those black-and-white kinds. I tried hard to be a good object, and the color that actually looks great in a black-and-white profile photos is red.

Back then, my hair was also a really light yellow brown, paired with red lips it was awesome, even in colored photos. I fell in love and I have that slight OCD-ness inside me so everything I like naturally turns into obsessions, just like that – I don’t like things … I LOVE things.

Some of her precious collection.

Why red, of all colors?

Red is a color of statement, it is strong, it stands out, it has a lot of meaning. I like that fact on its own. No other color radiates the same level of confidence, beauty and strength (er.. pink, strong? No.).

Besides, I live by the Pareto 80-20 rule. In this case, 80% of your beauty impact is actually originated from 20% of your face portion, that is, your red lips.

You work in a banking environment, how do you incorporate red lipsticks into your office look?

On the face, the only other extra color I put is on my cheeks – let the rest be the basic necessary enhancements, like eyeliner and mascara . I also balance it with plain outfit. My everyday wear is typically a clean white shirt (really plain, no fancy ornaments, and keeping away from any kind of twist to a shirt design, e.g. fancy neckline, ruffles, ribbons) paired with simple pencil skirts, keeping accessories like earrings and necklaces to minimum (nothing at all, most of the times).

angelajess' signature red-lip look. (with MAC Viva Glam I)

You have a very unique, specific result in your red-lip look. Could you share us the steps?

I never really noticed this “uniqueness” until recently, when there have been significant number of people asking me how to get that sort-of-soft-but-somehow-really-there (see, I don’t even know how to call that look), I believe it goes down to one thing, texture. I almost always pick the matte kind, and I even blot it with tissue, so that soft velvety stain-like finish is achieved. Finish off by adding a layer just on the center part of your lips to create a bit of depth.

Were there any comments from people when you first started wearing red lips? Anything memorable?

As mentioned, when I first started wearing it, my hair was still a really light yellow brown, so the lips really popped! I could only remember positive comments, usually from females, but mostly they contained phrases like: “I don’t think I can pull it off” or “I wish I could wear it too” and even better “You make me wanna get one!” and it surprises me they haven’t really changed – a major portion of the female population still has not consider red lipstick as her staple. Ladies should really start wearing red lipsticks more often.

The unopened lipsticks, still waiting for their time.

angelajess' top 3 red lipsticks.

What’s your favorite lipstick (or two or three)? Any new wishlists?

Existing favorites:

  1. Chili, not as popular as its sisters, but it is my signature, a matte lipstick by MAC
  2. Just recently making it to number two on my list is, Cherry Red, by Besame Cosmetics. A fine lipstick obtained through a fine friendship we started through FemaleDaily forum (thanks to sien_lim @ FD)
  3. Russian Red, a matte lipstick also by MAC


  1. Diabolique, a matte lipstick by Tom Ford (kudos to pablohoney @FD)
  2. Lip Maestro #400 by Giorgio Armani Beauty

All kinds of reds. Notice the black Anna Sui? She uses it to mix with other reds.

Considering you have tried many, is there any red that you haven’t tried yet?

None I could think of. I may have managed to try all variant of red undertones (blue based, yellow based, brown based, orange reds, pink reds, coral, vampy, super dark, you name it).

Any tips and tricks for us scared cat novices who want to start wearing red lips?

Adapt the red with your lip condition and personality. I personally would always lean towards matte ones (oh, matte is majesty), but they won’t work on drier and chapped lips. Believe me you’d rather have dazzling glossy red lips than dreadful dry ones.

Then it is personality, which encloses style and attitude. If you are a fun-fun girl, bright orange red or vivid corals will elevates your spirit even more. If you would rather people perceive you as a serious, dark and mysterious woman, ha! Go for those deeper vampy shades.

If you think you can’t pull the color off, or afraid that you will make your lips as one attention-grabbing object, perhaps you have associated red with boldness and risk in the very first place, that you don’t think it suits your personality. Then, you might as well not consider red at all :)

The soft, chiffon-light, velvety look. (with MAC Chili)


My personal word of advice, if you want to try red lipstick, go for it! It’s a matter of gathering up the courage, build up the confidence and really have fun with it :)

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