My Gadget Wishlist; The Lenovo Ideaphone K900

Do you know what’s my greatest weakness when it comes to shopping? Nope, not bags, not shoes, not even clothes. Smartphones and laptops are my greatest weakness.  I have to fight the urge to buy new phones just because I want to experience the latest technology in mobile platform. I do love every phone I have, there’s no such thing as “ex-phone” for me since I have attachment issues to each of them dearly haha. However, I can never resist the temptation to change my phone every 6 months, while laptop is way more expensive to keep up (thank God!) , I still try to replace it every year *waving to my 3 laptops at home*. I know, the story of my life. :p

This year, I am eyeing Lenovo Ideaphone K900 series. Actually, this isn’t the first time I had my eyes  glued on Ideaphone. When Lenovo launched their K860 a while ago, I tried and tested it with my own hands and fell in love instantly. Look at my picture, I was all smiles when I held it in my hand! But, then I heard rumours about the upcoming K900 which would be launched very soon, I just had to  stop myself from drooling over the K860 and waited instead, and when it finally came out,  it WILL worth the wait, baby! :D

I bet most of you already realized that we’re now back to the time when smartphones screen was large, the era when “bigger IS better.”Lenovo answered today’s demand by launching the Ideaphone K900 which features Full HD 1080p display on its HD 5.5 inches screen with pixel density of 400ppi, one of the best in its class for sure!  The sharp and impeccable industrial design has also stole my heart away. Who can resist a smartphone with a gorgeous metal chasis? Not me, not me. :D

At only 6.9mm thin and weighing 160 grams, this beautiful creature is fully packed with the latest technology in the mobile industry. Running on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and powered with Intel® Atom™ Clover Trail+ Z2580 (2.0Ghz), the K900 is sure to be fast, responsive and powerful. K900, itself, is the first mobile device powered by Intel Atom Clover Trail+ and that means it will have Intel’s Hyper-Threading Technology which will support anyone who loves running simultaneous applications and doing the oh-so-called, multi-tasking, on their phone. It looks like transitions and animations will run smoothly with no waiting time which is truly a testament to the potential power that Intel brings to the table with mobile devices. The great experience of having Intel Atom chipset doesn’t stop there. One of the remarkable technologies that I think is pretty important is the Intel® Burst Performance Technology which  includes dynamic frequency scaling aka “on user demand power conserver” for outstanding power efficiency while accelerating its performance. Now I am starting to imagine a quad core variant based on the same processor technology would be utterly breathtaking! Aaah alright, I better stop here before I start a whole new article about Intel chipset for smartphones :p


In addition to the awesomeness the K900 already has is the 2mp front camera and *drumroll* a 13-megapixel auto-focus camera with an f1.8 aperture Sony Exmor RS BSI sensor! C’mon now, who doesn’t take pictures with their smartphones nowadays? So, of course, adding a powerful Exmor sensor, which allows you to take pictures even in low lights, is something that you can ignore. It’s something that makes a device, more than just multi-functional but also performance-driven.

Long story short, the Lenovo Ideaphone K900 is an impressive smartphone with an edgy design that stands out. From head to toe, this stunning device is blessed with an impressive specs sheet that no doubt wins my heart over. Although it will first released in China market, I am so going to wait until it gets here, just like I am waiting for my soulmate patiently :p

Now, ladies,  it’s time for me to start visualizing myself, being  happy, owning a brand new K900. Seriously, the law of attraction always works for me! :D