Tuesday Timepiece: ToyWatch Plasteramic #Violet

Michelle Obama wore a bright violet watch a few years ago and it caught the attention of many, including mine. After a quick search, I found out ToyWatch is the brand. That time, this brand took the market by a storm. The watches were hot ticket items and selling like hot cakes.

Not too long after then, I finally got mine, in the exact same color, violet. The one that Michelle Obama had was slightly different than mine though. Hers was a little too sporty for my liking. So I got this instead.

Back then, ceramic timepieces (mostly popularized by Chanel J12) were all the rage. I like the look of Chanel J12, but not so much on the color options, which were white and black. And the price was and still is very much so out of my range. ToyWatch, however, made a breakthrough with the variety of colors and different takes on this ceramic look.

ToyWatch’s signature line is called Plasteramic. It’s basically plastic that’s molded to emulate ceramic. It is freakishly lightweight. A few family member of mine was shocked when I lend this watch for them to look at. Some people around me had made comments about this being a toy. No pun intended. This is not a toy, it is a well-functioning watch.

Back then too, large oversized-watches were the hot trend. I tried to stay sane (and realistic) by getting the 35 mm diameter instead of 41 mm. It suits my wrist nicely. It fits the trend, but not to the point where ‘ridiculous’ is the look I’m going for.

I must say I had many contemplations about this particular color. It’s so obnoxiously fluorescent. What am I going to wear with this? I could’ve gone with the safer colors. Then I thought to myself, why go through all the trouble of Google-ing around and still pick the no-brainer ones?  ToyWatch had created an easy access, designed these watches to have perfect blend of luxury, high style in myriad of colors. With that in mind, I finally settled for the violet shade.

Well, when I got it, to no surprise, it was bright. I must be out of my mind, so I thought. Surprisingly, thank goodness, this goes with a lot of my things in my wardrobe. It gives a major pop to any outfit! It has that sportswear sensibility yet the shape gives it a luxury touch, without the hefty price tag. Sure is, this thing grabs anyone’s eyes that pays a glare on it.

A few years later, I still wear this from time to time, especially when I’m feeling playful and want to have a little bit of fun :)

If you want to spice up your look with these babies, make sure to pay a visit to ToyWatch Boutique at Plaza Indonesia.