Beauty Trend Alert: Brightening Products Invasion

Skincare has many genres nowadays.  Companies continue to search and develop innovation and produce skincare products because people treat their skin every day, every time, and for the rest of the lives.  We obviously can’t stop using skincare products after our skin feel nicer because the sun, the weather, the pollution, and many other outside factors contribute to the irritation of our skin’s consistently.  So it is unavoidable, and we have to accept the fact that we have to use skincare products continuously.

One of skincare genres that keeps growing and growing is the brightening products.  Women, especially mature women, usually have the same problems : uneven skin tone, dark-age spots and dull skin.  As women, we have the same goal here, to get the clear, bright, flawless skin.  And I think that this is the main reason on why we are using brightening products.

I picked some of brightening products for you, some of them are mostly new.  You can find them easily at your nearest department store.

1.  Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective White

This regimen consists of 6 steps total.   Each of them has its own purpose – Purifying Foaming Cleanser which helps to cleanse your face without removing the skin’s natural moisture. Brightening Exfoliator that we can use three times a week helps brighten the skin and reduce the dullness from the face.  Clarity-Activating Toner does the job to restructure the skin, whereas Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution reduces the number and intensity of the color of black spots while preventing the formation of new dark spots on the skin surface.  And for moisturizer, you can choose between Hydrating Moisture Emulsion or the new Deep Moisture Clarifying Cream which offers  dual benefit of extreme hydration and a more even skin tone for an overall improvement in skin clarity.  As for the final step, we can use Ultra Light Daily UV Defense or Actively Correcting & Beautifying BB Cream with SPF 50 PA+++ to prevent pigmentation.

2.  L’Occitane Immortelle Brightening

L’Occitane added two new products into their Immortelle Brightening regimen to help women get rejuvenating effect.  To cleanse the skin, there are Brightening Foaming Cleanser which is a soap-free cleanser that takes care of the skin every day without drying it out.  It claims to effectively removes impurities and make-up, revealing a fresh and luminous complexion.  After that, we can use Brightening Mist Limited Edition to refresh, soften and brighten the complexion. The mist can also be sprayed over make-up. There are also Brightening Water which is an alcohol-free toner and Brightening Instant Exfoliator to purify, even and smooth the skin.  As for the moisturizer, we can get the gel-cream Brightening Moisture Cream to help correct wrinkles, even out skin tone and brighten the complexion.  And for those of you who need special treatment, L’Occitane offers Brightening Essence which is a concentrated serum with an instant smoothing and brightening effect.

3.  Biotherm White D-Tox Liquid Light

Biotherm developed New White D-Tox Liquid Light with triple illuminating essence: triple whitening, color-balancing and perfecting effectiveness.  Its weightless formula is infused with liquid light reflectors to give an immediate ultra light-reflecting, intense moisture glow at the skin surface. It claims to be able to break down skin’s color barriers and restore its natural moisture glow.

4.  Clarins White Plus Total Luminescent

The word luminescent is strongly related to the term light and Clarins has found that our skin has reflecting properties which acts like millions of micro-mirrors. There are three levels of micro-mirrors; keratinocytes (skin surface) that needs to be hydrated to maintain skin’s transparency and glow; melanin pigments inside the epidermis that keeps the evenness and fairness of skin’s complexion;  haemoglobin pigments inside the dermis that is responsible for that rosy glow.

Clarins has come out with a mixture of ingredients that act on all three layers so that you get out of the maximum lights from these millions of micro-mirrors. High molecular weight hyaluronic acid (HMV) gives maximum hydration at the skin surface, Sandpurry extract working withing the epidermis, and Ginkgo Biloba acts within the dermis level, with combinations of  white musk, freesia and jasmine scents that are soft and soothing.

5. YSL Forever Light Creator

The much talked about YSL Forever with its proprietary ingredient Glycanactif, now comes with new brightening effect, thanks to Glycanactif WT™complex that helps skin’s three sources of light to create that healthy glowing skin. It’s done through the combination of three glycans; C-glycan, which helps to smooth out skin’s texture; P-glycan , which helps in limiting the appearance of pigmentation inconsistencies; X-glycan, which helps in  improving skin’s density.