Revisiting Classic Pearl Jewellery with Mondial Excellent Pearl

I could not fully appreciate the beauty of pearls until my early twenties, and here are the words I associated with pearl jewellery the moment I did: “timeless,” “simple,” “elegant.” I think this photograph of American actress, Martha Hyer, who starred alongside Audrey Hepburn in 1954’s screwball romantic comedy, Sabrina, is a great manifestation of pearl jewellery at its best. This is the kind of image I associate with pearls: an old world sort of grace and understatement that stands up to the test of time without compromising spectacle.

Singapore-based Mondial Jeweler invited guests and media to a lunchtime talk show at Grand Hyatt Jakarta to announce the arrival of Mondial Excellent Pearl to our fine shores. Already acknowledged the world over  for their stringent selection criteria for diamonds, Mondial Jeweler now present the first ever special grade of pearls to ever be certified by the Gemological Institute of America. These pearls truly are in a class of their own: untreated South Sea pearls sourced from Australia are hand picked by top-drawer gemologists who look out for seven factors when considering the inclusion of a pearl into the Mondial Excellent Pearl family. These criteria are lustre, size, shape, colour, surface quality, nacre quality, and matching.

Unlike other jewelers who design first and add on the gems and pearls later, Mondial designs a piece of jewellery around their Excellent-grade pearls. Most pearls are arranged among diamonds and fancy diamonds, and then set in white, rose, and yellow gold (platinum-set jewellery is made to order). While the pearls come in a wide range of sizes, Mondial mostly selects those that fall between the 12-15 mm parameter for consistency when matching pearls for a set.

Please keep in mind that these photographs do the real thing no justice! In person, the pearls really do carry an incredible lustre that sets it apart from pearls you’d find at any other jeweler. “What most people don’t realise,” one of the attentive representatives from Mondial explains to me, “is that unlike the big difference in quality, the price point between our jewellery and medium-grade pearls are not that different. Unfortunately, public awareness and education of pearl quality is not as pervasive as, say, diamonds.”

To see the full shine of the Mondial Excellent Pearl, visit the Mondial Jeweler store at Plaza Indonesia or Plaza Senayan and experience the lustre for yourself.