How To: Wear the Latest Prints Trend

One of the trends that I love from the Spring/Summer 2013 is prints. Depending on what prints that you choose, they both can be worn for both formal and casual occasions. It could be quite a hit or miss when wearing prints. But here are a couple of things that you want to take note before you step into a store and purchase the latest trend without knowing how to wear it.

1. Keep it solid and simple!

Very few people could nail head to toe two pieces same print look, let alone the clashing print look. So resort in the easiest thing to do which is choosing one piece with print and keep the rest solid with a simple silhouette.

2. Pay attention to the fabric of your pairing top

This is only valid when you’re choosing a printed bottom such as skirt or a pair of pants. Since you wouldn’t want to go overboard with your accessories, different fabrics that you choose for your top could help in defining your style. For instance, pairing it up with a t-shirt or knitted sweater will help to tone down the print and make it casual. Whereas when you choose fabrics such as satin, silk or viscose that are lighter in weight with softer silhouettes, it will help to make the finished look to be more formal-like.

3. Not everyone can get away with printed pants …

It’s the ugly truth! But if you’re keen in trying this trend, do take the time to try different types of pants style. I found that for those who find themselves having slimmer legs, it’s best to go for a loose kind of fitting and vice-versa for those with not so slim legs would look better with tight- fitting pants with sleek cigarette-pants-like cut.

4. Small vs. big prints?

Petite women might want to choose small prints because bigger prints would be too overwhelming. But if you’re not petite, then by all means you can get away with bigger prints.

5. Don’t be afraid to combine different colours

I know that prints will immediately take the limelight to your whole outfit and you want to keep it that way. But if you want to spice it up, don’t be afraid to go out of the box by pairing it up with bolder colours or colours that aren’t within the tone of your prints.


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