How I Treat My Skin: Nexcare Acne Cover

I try to treat my skin very nicely to prevent more acne.  It means I have to do the cleansing routine RIGHT way. No matter how tired I am, first things first when I arrive home is grab my makeup wipes and wipe off all of my makeup.

I’m not tired of telling you this, ladies.  Cleansing is a very important routine; it’s the first step toward a healthy skin.  We need to do it daily – twice a day.  First thing in the morning, I remove any products or creams on my face and prepare my face before using makeup.  I use fewer products in the morning by using a facial wash, toner, moisturizer followed by sunscreen.  At night, I add two more products in my cleansing routine –  I use a makeup wipe first followed by cleansing gel to make sure there’s no makeup left on my face.  Afterward, I use a gentle facial wash to keep my face squeaky clean without stripping off moisture or leaving residue. Then it’s the same ritual as my morning routine –  a toner followed by a moisturizer.  But the cleansing routine would be different if I had acne.

Especially acne that contain white pus (oil secretion) at the head.  This kind of acne is the most annoying type, in my opinion.  It hurts and makes me uncomfortable.  I never skipped my cleansing routine, but when it comes to hormones and other factors that can cause acne, it’s going to be pretty hard to control.

Like it or not, I have to deal with acne.  My savior for acne is still my favorite Nexcare Acne Cover.  It comes in transparent cover form, thanks to its non-chemical  hydrocolloid dressing technology.  In this acne emergency, all I need to do is stick Nexcare Acne Cover on my acne after I cleanse my face completely.  I can go to sleep with it and the next morning, the white pus is absorbed onto the patch. It’s that quick!  :)

Acne Cover is great for all skin types. Those of you who have sensitive skin, you don’t have to worry.  This product uses zero chemical ingredients.  It is safe and won’t harm the skin.  I can buy it at the nearest (big) stores, such as  Alfamart, Boston, Grandlucky, Watson, Lotte Mart, and Hypermart.

I keep Nexcare Acne Skin Cover in stock because this is the savior when acne appears on my face.  Another great thing besides how great the product is, it is also affordable for everyone.  At IDR 30,000, Nexcare Acne Skin Cover is a quick, safe and trusted solution for acne.

Have you tried it, ladies?  How about sharing your testimony in the comment box below!  We have another Nexcare Acne Skin Cover Testimonial Contest for you!


Contest: How to join?

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Good luck, Ladies! :)