Friday Fragrance: FLASH Jimmy Choo

Beautiful perfume bottles have a certain magic that demands my immediate attention.  Come on, who can resist a fragrance when it comes in beautifully unique and luxurious luxury packaging?  I must admit, however, that sometimes pretty bottles can be deceiving. I’ve had so many experiences when I bought a bottle and scent that I loved, but they turned out to not be so great at the end of the day. Since then, I’ve learned to know the notes of a scent first before I buy it.  It’s very possible for us to love a fragrance when we first spray it and catch a whiff of a lovely top note, but then as the other notes unravel throughout the day they become very…blah. So it’s okay to be picky when purchasing a fragrance because we should research and look up reviews before purchasing. It’s times like these when Friday Fragrance can come handy.

Thankfully, my experience with the perfume I picked out for today’s post is wonderful from start to finish.  I’m loving FLASH Jimmy Choo from “head to toe” – both bottle and scent are great!  FLASH is the second fragrance from Jimmy Choo; inspired by a modernist chandelier from the 1970s, the bottle reminds me of crystalline facets and takes the perfume to whole new level of luxury.  The bottle is tinted with an ultraviolet-like color, and the cap comes in a transparent crystal look.

The box itself is beautiful and glittery, making me love it all the more! It was designed to imitate the blinding lights from the flashbulbs of paparazzi cameras; does it deliver on excitement? It does indeed! To be perfectly honest with you, I’ve kept the box with me up to today and have no plans to throw it away :p

Now let’s move on to the scent, shall we? :)

I LOVE the scent. And what I mean is I love Every Single Note in this fragrance. FLASH hooked me with its top, heart, and base notes. The first ones are pink pepper and strawberry, unique and landing a great first impression with the fresh sparkling scent. Then the heart notes followed – tuberose, jasmine, and white lily. The floral group definitely gives a feminine yet sensual vibe, and I love it! The base notes are made of white woods which is my favorite, and it gives a nice dénouement to the whole bouquet. The combination of all the notes above created a very sophisticated and daring scent, and I’ve been giving this bottle a spritz every day since the day I got it.

You can get FLASH Jimmy Choo at Plaza Indonesia. It comes in 3 sizes, 100ml (IDR 1,100,000), 60ml (IDR 840,000), and 40ml (IDR 510,000).