Tuesday Timepiece: (Handed Down) Christian Dior

Yes, it is a men’s watch. It belonged to my father, in which I took initiative and started wearing it after he passed away.

As far as the history goes, since he’s not around anymore, I had to ask my mother. She remembered it was bought somewhere around 1996. 17 years, pretty awesome, eh?

When I first found it, it was in a less than appealing condition. It went quite the restoration, about a month. The metal strap had to be cleaned and some of the parts had to be replaced. The rejuvenation cost quite a bit, but I went through with it. It has a deep sentimental value. I’m glad I did.

This happens to be my most-worn watch now. People around me would notice this. The face is octagon-shaped, about 33 mm in diameter, which I think is a good size for my wrist and to my preference. I love the fact that it’s two-toned. Yellow gold watches could look very gaudy at times, but not this one. The white gold definitely tones the yellow down. The white dial also keeps the whole piece less formal. And yes, I wear this to any occasion; to the office, weekends, formals and so on

The whole love for two-toned doesn’t just end there. Because of it, I’m able to wear my jewellery and accessories with no issue at all. FYI, yellow gold is my preference in costume jewellery. I can’t tell you how excited I was when I finally own this watch. No need to think about matching silver jewellery with silver watches and vice versa. With this, everything goes.

The octagonal watch face is what made this timepiece unique.

There’s an amusing story about it. One of my father’s ex employee recognized this watch when I wore it. He just simply noticed and pointed it out. FYI, he doesn’t wear a watch. So for him to made that kind of recognition made me think this watch sure went through quite a lot of precious moments.

Even though I own a few of other watches, this remains to be my go-to. It’s ultra versatile and simply breathes classic.

Thanks, Dad :)