Now You Can Shop Metrox Group Brands Online!

Metrox Group has done a lot of contributing to the local fashion scene, and it looks like their latest pet project is out to do the same. The same retailer that brought in the likes of Y-3, D:Fuse, and Superdry has been so encouraged by such strong feedback from fans that it has decided to set up shop on the internet to reach out to more of its fanbase. currently carries clothing and accessories from eleven brands, including in-house brands The Little Things She Needs and Wakai. This new endeavour is in line with their multi-channel development, which already includes Mezzo at Mega Kuningan, a shop-in-shop concept.

Like its brick-and-mortar store, the website layout is clean and simple to navigate through. Products may be easily browsed based on different categories, including men’s and women’s clothing, brands, and price range. Each brand also has a dedicated page customised to capture the essence and spirit of that specific brand. Metrox is excited to reach out to the fashion-forward percentage among the eighty-three million internet users in Indonesia, and they are starting by offering limited-time free shipping nationwide!

Nothing like a bit of retail therapy in the middle of work!

The launch of the website was celebrated with a gathering of media and invited guests an an afternoon of snacks, music, talk shows, and a briefing on the store philosophy by Chief Operation Officer Jaclyn Halim and E-Commerce Manager Leoni Hang. Guests were invited to the afternoon event, titled Digital Fashion Encounters, and encouraged to dress up in androgynous gear, with the event further livened up by the presence of a live band and several prominent fashion bloggers who went head to head in a styling contest (more on that later!).

During the talk show session, Ms. Hang explained the website’s unique Request & Reserve program, where buyers have the option of requesting a stock check or reserving an item at a store in case stocks at the online abode have run out. It is also more than just an online shopping website: Metrox is fully conscious of their customers’ insatiable thirst for fashion-forward trends, and so have also published a blog that is updated daily with content to quench that thirst. Their social media presence extends to Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook, so there’s no way you can miss them.

Ms. Halim also mentioned how the website has plans to add on more items and brands on the website; she was especially enthusiastic about the apportunity to reach out to Indonesia’s 300 points of delivery, and not just the Greater Jakarta area.

A significant portion of the afternoon was dedicated to a styling contest between five prominent Indonesian bloggers, who dressed their models in clothes and accessories from brands available at the store. The winner turned out to be sixteen year-old Mitha Komala of Letters to Juliet, who impressed judges with her intuitive style savvy and walked away with a cheque and gifts from Metrox Group; but it was a tight playing field, with stiff competition from Gricia Effendi, Lulut Marganingtyas, and Florencia Irena.

And there you have it! Are you excited at the burgeoning online shopping industry in Indonesia? Are you a fan of this click and buy phenomenon, or are you still partial to trying on clothes in a shop? Hit me up in the comments section!