Fancy Designs from Miss Mondial

Despite the heavy rain that day, I managed to attend the Miss Mondial Media Gathering last week.  Oh wait, Miss Mondial?  You’re probably asking me right now what the difference is between Miss Mondial and Mondial. Launched on March 25, 2013, Miss Mondial is an extension of the original brand by Mondial Jeweler, effectively making it a sister line. If you’re wondering about the quality, there’s no need to be worry, ladies: Miss Mondial is home to the same range of high quality diamonds as Mondial Jeweler.

Miss Mondial offers fancy and beautifully constructed designs.  If you’re someone who appreciates the jewelry craftsmanship, then you will love Miss Mondial. I saw plenty of awesome 3D details among the in-store designs and was absolutely amazed. Another thing that separates Miss Mondial from other jewelry lines are its trademark two-tone gold color pieces.  You can see in the photos below how one single piece combines rose gold with white gold, and I actually even saw yellow gold among the combinations as well. That’s what makes this line interesting, I think: it is different and unique, with exquisite designs and colors.

Mondial Jeweler and Miss Mondial cater to different markets: this new line targets independent, professional, and modern women. Its tagline, “I Depend on Me,”  speaks of women’s desire to express their independent spirits.  The price range is also different: carat sizes are smaller, so items are more affordable than ones you will find from Mondial Jeweler. This is not necessarily a negative thing, because I think this is a good way to reach out and make jewelry available to more people.

Wedding Rings, anyone? :)

One of my favorite pendants!

The most recent collection from Miss Mondial is called the Perfume Collection.  I am in love with these pendants!  They are so pretty to see in person, and they are very chic on your neck!  It makes me think of the moment you see someone’s over-the-top, fussy-looking jewelry and think, “Oh my gosh, that’s too much” or “Whoa, even a bride won’t wear that kind of jewelry”.  This situation is never going to happen with the Perfume Collection! Coming in 3D constuction designs, this collection definitely grabs your attention right away with its artistic looks.  Jelita Setifa, Area Manager of Miss Mondial said, “This Perfume Collection is a call to all independent women to freely express themselves.  We encourage women everywhere to be who they truly are according to their unique nature, and soon they can, and will, become a source of inspiration for others.” “As the name implies, this collection is inspired by the artful designs of high-end European perfume bottles, which are created not only to catch the eye but to represent the fragrances contained within.  The Perfume collection come in combination of 18K white and rose gold studded with high quality white diamonds or blue and brown diamonds.” – taken from the press release. If you want to learn more about diamonds, feel free to swing by Miss Mondial store at Mal Kelapa Gading 3, 1st floor.  The attendants are friendly and very helpful.  Don’t be shy to ask and see and try on the attractive designs yourself!