Wardah 10-Step Skin Lightening System



When it comes to skin lightening, cosmetic brands always come up with new innovations to accomplish every woman most wanted need: to have healthy and bright skin. Thankfully, there has been more and more understanding between the brand and the customer, so that healthy and bright skin doesn’t mean white (or whiter) skin. The aspiration for lighter skin is highly coveted, especially for us living in Indonesia with its tropical climate and generous sunshine. The campaign for a better and healthier lifestyle to achieve brighter looking skin is considered a precedence for a brand that endorses lightening products.

Actually, there’s nothing complicated about achieving optimally healthy, bright skin. Our skin has the amazing ability to constantly regenerate itself every 28 days. Our skin has the ability to look brighter through this organic regeneration if we complete proper skin treatments and maintain a balanced lifestyle (including a healthy diet and regular exercise).

One of the solutions to a skincare treatment for lighter skin comes in the form of Wardah Cosmetics and its ’10 Skin Lightening System’, including new inventions and innovations that guarantee the optimal skin regeneration for lighter skin in 28 days. Wardah 10 Skin Lightening System works through 3 steps: Cleansing, Protecting and Lightening, and the entire series is comprised of ten products in total.

Four of the products in the Cleansing step are Milk Cleanser, Face Toner, Gentle Wash and Face Scrub. The Protecting step product consists of Day Cream step 1 and 2, Body Lotion and Two Way Cake. These products will protect the well-cleansed skin from external factors such as air pollution. And the core products to maximize the skin lightening process in the Lightening step are Face Mask, Night Cream step 1 and 2, and Facial Serum.

Alongside the relaunch, Wardah also officially introduced their new brand ambassador, Dewi Sandra. “Dewi has such a strong character as a person and a singer, and she fits to the beauty characteristics of Wardah, which has always be an inspiration for other women. Besides her achievement as a respectable singer in Indonesia, her new look with the hijab strongly represents Wardah Woman”, said Salman Subakat, Marketing Manager of Wardah Beauty.

Well, Dewi Sandra has already been using the Wardah Skin Lightening System as part of her daily skincare routine, and the lightening facial serum is her favourite since it has made her skin more plump, healthy and bright. I was also surprised to find in this Wardah thread that there are many forum members already using this series and reporting that they’re happy with the result! So, how about letting me try this series as my new skincare regime, and I’ll be back in 28 days with the review? ;)