Game of Thrones: High Fantasy-Inspired Fashion

Is anyone else watching Game of Thrones? I’ve always been more of a science fiction girl, but I’m surprised with how quickly I came to love this HBO high fantasy adventure-drama.

The new season premiered in Asia on April 20th, and I’m crazy excited for what the writers have in store for the rest of season three. Throughout the entire episode, I kept taking note of how the fantastic costumes on the female characters looked, and I’ve plucked out similar looks from retailers based in Indonesia–some of them available online! Be warned, though: do not read on if you haven’t caught up to season three and do not want spoilers!

House Stark. Poor Sansa. Can things get any worse for this girl? As if witnessing the death of her father was not enough, she had to be publicly prosecuted for having “traitor’s blood” following the “acts of treachery” committed by her father and brother. At the end of season two, Joffrey dropped her like it’s hot and took on Margaery Tyrell for his new bride – which is good news for Sansa, but this means she no longer has political protection in King’s Landing. We see her ruminating her future with handmaiden Shea by the docks in a gorgeous blue and brown brocade outfit.

How beautiful is that jacket? Handmaiden Shea doesn’t look half bad either! For Sansa’s look, pair the the Rose Flare Dress from Minimal and Bronze Aurelia Jacket from Cotton Ink. If you’re more into Shea’s pink halter dress, then wrap around the Miranda Halter Dress from Etniq Couture with this belt from Minimal.


House Tyrell. We see King Joffrey’s new bride engage in a public relations stunt as a means of damage control following the public’s attack of the crown last season. She visits an orphanage in a floaty V-neck dress and vest, where she charms the heck out of her subjects and viewers alike.

Get your Grecian goddess on with the Lucy Maxi Dress and Lilo Knitted Vest by One and a Half, both available at The Goods Dept.

For a more fitted look, try the Milcah V Neck Jumpsuit, also available at The Goods Dept.

House Lannister. Lena Headey continues to do an amazing job as Cersei, the woman we all love to hate. But we begin to see signs of her vulnerability seep through as the walls around her steely personality slowly starts to crumble, what with Joffrey’s bull-headed defiance manifesting itself more and more every day. Here she is walking around indignantly in a fabulous kimono jacket, flamboyant sleeves flapping in the wake of her subdued wrath.

For Cersei’s look, try pairing the rich maroon of the Malva Dress by Anonymous with the Gold Grape Kimono by Sober.

House Targaryen. Ahhhh Daenarys, how do I love thee! Daenarys left behind her fringed brown leather Dothraki garb after leaving the continent of Essos; and even though she pulls of the Tarzan S&M look really well, I’m glad to see some variety in her wardrobe. Here she is opting for an azure dress better suited to climates in Westeros for her campaign to take the Iron Throne.

For Daenarys’ look, pair your favourite boots with the Cutout Dress by Milcah, available from The Goods Dept.

But if you like the look of the cutout on the back her killer dress, there’s always the Spring Japan Dress from Picnic.

Talk about hair-spiration!

And there you have it! So is anyone else excited for the new season? Hit me up if you’re up for a Game of Thrones marathon sometime! ;)