Alleira Batik Brings out the Treasure of Toraja

Known as one brand that keeps producing Batik in modern attire, last week Alleira Batik showcased the Tresure of Toraja for their latest collection.  Located in Lamoda Cafe, Plaza Indonesia, Alleira Batik introduced the new collection in a nice fashion show.  Alleira Batik’s main motivations are to explore Indonesia’s treasures and heritage to bring Indonesia’s name to the world.  These motivations drive the brand to continue to dig in to Indonesia’s traditions, values, and heritage.

As mentioned, this collection shines the spotlight on tenun Toraja.  Alleira Batik realizes that  Toraja has not received the exposure it deserved.  Toraja actually has a lot to offer, such as its beautiful tenun motives.

Of course, all batik fabrics in this collection comprised of the design of tenun Toraja motives. Anisa Asmaya Sanin, the Production Director of Alleira Batik, pointed out the big motives in tenun Toraja.   Torajans are known to draw the motives of their houses, she said. Therefore, we won’t see super tiny patterns in this collection.

The color hues are not far from earth tone.  You will see browns (dark and light), as well as bold colors, such as yellow, orange, red, blue, even purple and black.  Alleira Batik always combines traditional and modern elements in the collection, and you can also see the signature touch such as the classic H-line skirt, pipe pants, and the chic silhouette.  And even though the collection is dominated by women’s clothing, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing for men.  Don’t worry, guys, there are pieces for you as well. :)

But there’s one part where I couldn’t stop smiling which is the kids’ part. I was so entertained by the appearance of the kids.  I couldn’t stop smiling seeing little kids wore batik and walked the runway.  So cute! <3

You can see the collection in person by visiting Alleira boutiques at Central Park, Plaza Indonesia, Pondok Indah Mall 2, Gandaria City, and Grand Indonesia. Or you can always see the website to find out more about the latest news from the brand.