Beauty Fix: From Greasy Hair to Nightmare Zits

Have you ever had one of those mornings where nothing seems to be going right? The ones where you wake up for work one day only to discover a tear in the seam of the dress you were saving to wear for today, or to find that the flash disk storing that important presentation has gone missing. The last thing you need on mornings like these are unexpected beauty crises that hamper your daily routine and slow you on your way out. Here are some quick prescriptions for emergency beauty crises so you can walk out that door and get on with your day!

1. Greasy hair

You know how it goes: you go to bed the night before promising yourself that you’d get up extra early to have a proper wash and blow. But you sleep through your alarm clock and by the time you wake up, it’s too late for breakfast, much less a wash and blow. You look in the mirror and find that your hair is greasier than the deep fryer at your favourite fast food restaurant. No worries! Just sprinkle some powder – baby powder is effective, but loose powder works well too – on your head and rub it into your scalp. The powder will act as a dry shampoo of sorts, absorbing the excess oil. Make sure to rub it in well – you don’t want anyone mixing up the fine white powder granules for dandruff!

2. Nightmare zit

You’re still looking in the mirror when you notice that an unattractive pimple the size of a small motorized vehicle has taken residence on your nose overnight. Don’t panic. Before you slap some foundation on the cursed thing, dab a small amount of toothpaste on the offending spot and keep it there during the duration of your commute between work and the office. The toothpaste will dry out the pimple, reducing redness and swelling. Keep in mind that this will only work with good-old, plain white toothpaste, so don’t expect any miracles with gel toothpaste.

3. Nail polish smudges

You’re finally in the car driving to work, but you soon find yourself stuck in a morning gridlock with no movement up ahead. You’re going to be stuck here for a while and decide to make good use of your time by pulling out a bottle of nail polish for a mini manicure. Just as you’re blowing on your freshly-painted nails to expedite the drying process, the traffic inches forward and you follow suit, but not before accidentally ramming your still-wet nails on the gear stick. Instead of covering the mess with another coat of nail polish, lick your nail where you smudged it and ease it back into place. Saliva will help smooth out the smudged polish so you don’t waste time applying another coat.

Do you have any other quick beauty fixes you’ve used when in a rush? Share them with us in the comments!