Have Fun Go Mad in Wakai Mad Show

Wakai took part in Audi Senayan City Fashion Nation and showed a completely different fashion show.  With tagline “I am mad, you are mad, we are all mad”, Wakai put up a very unique show to the audience.  I think I only saw a very few models in the show because Wakai picked “real” people to walk the runway so we can relate to them even more.

Divided into 3 sequences: asymetric, dynamic, and 5 Wakai’s DNA (Sport, Music, Art, Retail, and Technology), the show definitely brought something new that I had not seen in any fashion shows before.  This particular show comprised of  acrobats, bald women, even pregnant ladies in this mad show.

Through this show, Wakai wanted to capture the uniqueness in every individuals by using real people, professional, and models alike on its stage.  This show was a place where people were able show their personality and express themselves.

Speaking of Wakai, even though the brand has more things than shoes, such as blouses, glasses, bags, and other accessories. I do think the shoes are still the ones that are stealing most of the attention.  When most girls love wearing heels to elongate their legs, and most guys still prefer sneakers for casual looks, Wakai offers shoes that can bring you comfort, style, and fun at once.

I LOVE patterns and bright colors.  I even wear bright pants or patterned leggings to the office.  So, when I saw bright colors and playful patterns in this Wakai Mad Show,  I fell in love instantly.  Wakai showcasing Aloha, the Spring Summer 2013 collection. Spring and Summer are identical with fun colors and vibrant  patterns, indeed.  I want at least 3 pair of shoes from this collection.

Wakai still enhances as  a comfortable footwear by creating a technology that uses bamboo charcoal for its new insole.  The insole will support the shoes to be anti-bacterial, odor-destroyer, and anti-fague.  – taken from Aloha’s catalog.   Okay, I don’t know whether it is true or not, yet.  But these claims are making me curious!  I think I have to buy one pair of shoes to test it out.  *Now I have an excuse to buy them.* :D