Jeannie Mai’s Top 5 Beauty Items

As part of the group interview with Jeannie Mai, this post is actually giving a spotlight to one question about her top 5 beauty items. First of all, I LOOOVE getting recommendations on great products from other people.  For example, if someone in Female Daily HQ says, “Hey, have you tried X?  I think you will love it!”  then I’ll get the urge to try or buy it.  Geez, it sounds like I am so easy to tempt, in fact I am when it comes to beauty products. :D

The fact is, I only take recommendations from people that I know and trust, or someone out there who has a great reputation.  If a makeup artist (who is not only  pushing one makeup brand all the time) says X or Z is great, that’s it, I’m sold.  So, it is very interesting for me to know Jeannie Mai’s beauty items favorites.

Now let’s read her answer :

Jeannie, what are your top 5 beauty items?

  1. False Lashes – I can’t live without false lashes.  I LOVE false eyelashes.  I can’t be bothered sitting there curling my lashes.  It just takes too long, I just love throwing on a great strip lash instead.
  2. Glips – I really love glips which I’m not wearing now but usually I love wearing great dose of lipstick and a nice pop of glitter on top and I just think it’s really phenomenal when you go out at night.  It’s pretty hot.
  3. M.A.C Eyeshadow Raizin – I’ve worn it for maybe the last 12 years. It’s called Raizin.  It’s one of the oldest colors and it is one of the best eyeshadows for almost every skin tone out there.  I have a little bit on me today, usually I put it on beneath and put it on top of my eyes, and it just gives you this really red wood and it makes brown eyes look hazel.  So I love Raizin, I always carry that.
  4. M.A.C 224 Brush – I swear by it.  Most Asian women who have more delicate crease, it’s a great brush to get into the crease.  That’s a must there.
  5. Beauty Blender – My friend Kandee Johnson, who’s a YouTube celebrity, she taught me the beauty of beauty blender.  I never actually used that before.  It’s awesome!  It’s amazing!  The way that it takes makeup and presses it into your skin so that you have this really nice smooth texture but at the same time you don’t look matte is gorgeous.  And it’s a $20 sponge, and you use it over and over again.  I have like 6 or 7 of them.

For me, one item that stands out out of these five is the Beauty Blender.  The funny thing is, when Jeannie mentioned the Beauty Blender, she also gave us a story about it.  At first, she didn’t want to buy it even though Kandee Johnson HIGHLY recommended it.  I’m not gonna pay $20 for a sponge.  I’m Asian,  we don’t pay $20 for a sponge! LOL.  Me too, Jeannie, me too. Yet somehow Kandee successfully convinced her to buy and try it.  Now, as you can see, she has at least 6 Beauty Blenders.  I thought for that amount of money, I could buy other things instead of a sponge.  But now, I do want to get one! :D