Girls of Rock: Florence Welch

My last Girls of Rock feature zeroed in on pop-punk princess Alexis Krauss, whose denim cutoffs and black eyeshadow could speak volumes of her music before she even belts out a single note. This week, I’m going to introduce you to another songstress whose look is hugely complementary – inspirational, even! – to her music. Enter Florence Welch, the 26 year-old frontman of English indie band Florence and the Machine.

Florence and the Machine is a collaboration between Welch, 32 year-old producer Isabella “Machine” Summers, and an assemblage of other musicians who produce an indie pop sound fused with an otherworldly psychedelia. While both women share the brunt of songwriting responsibilities, Summers takes the helm by the keyboards while Welch takes on vocal duties during live performances. Welch has an energetic stage presence, implementing plenty of leaping and running around in her style of interpretive dance. Her mezzo-soprano singing voice sounds like gilded gossamer, her onstage disposition happy and excitable. I think she is most in her element when she performs to large crowds at outdoor gigs in signature flowy, bohemian dresses with extravagant sleeves.

But her penchant for sleeves doesn’t stop at the hippie variety; she has an appreciation for elaborate embellishing on nude gowns with simple silhouettes, as evidenced in the gorgeous number she wore to perform at music awards shows such as the Grammys and the Brits. These sensible dresses that graze the ground are a perfect accompaniment to the fairy tale element in her music, but their overly feminine details also betray her boisterous and hoyden personality.

Her red carpet style is mostly conservative but never boring, with a preference for classic body-hugging numbers that have an element of fun to them. The dresses she wore to the last two Grammy Awards have exhibited this aspect of her personality, displaying her preference for a kooky kind of look without going overboard and compromising polish.

Are you a fan of this red-haired songsmith’s style? Check out her sleeves in action in this drenched (but quintessential) performance of Dog Days Are Over.