Sephora; A Place to Pamper Yourself

If I’m allowed to pick two places on this planet that deserve the title “Heaven on Earth”, they would be a book store and a makeup store.  So you can probably imagine how excited I was when I know we had Beauty Session at Sephora in Marina Bay Sands VIP Fashion Night 2013 itinerary.   I literally wouldn’t mind spending HOURS in this place. There are TONS of products that caught my interests: Urban Decay, Laura Mercier, Stilla, Too Faced, Smashbox, and many other awesome makeup brands.  I splurged that day and my wallet felt lighter after I left this store, of course. What a guilty pleasure.

I got an easy-quick-eyelook makeover from the Make Up For Ever team.  Amber, the lady who did my eye makeup used Aqua Shadow 2E for a quick all over my lid color.  This Aqua Shadow is very practical and easy to blend, ladies.  No wonder whenever I borrow Affi’s makeup pouch, I spotted at least 3 Aqua Shadows in it.  As for eyeliner, Amber put the black Aqua Liner on my eyes. This is definitely one liquid liner that’s easy to use.  I’m not good  at applying liquid eyeliner (except the pen type), but this one is an exception.  The applicator is definitely user friendly.

To pamper myself before VIP Fashion Night, I decided to get fun patterns on my fingertips using Sephora Nail Art Patch.  I picked the leopard pattern simply because it matches my leopard clutch.  Not to mention, I always touch or hold something and that caused flaws on my polished nails.  So Nail Art Patch is the best option for me, super quick, easy, and I can just move my hands normally right away without being afraid of touching something.  Love it! :)

But that doesn’t mean I don’t like nail polishes.  I do love them, but I need to stay still for a period of time to let it completely set, and I just do not have the luxury to sit down and do nothing while waiting for my nails to dry. :D  I couldn’t help myself to notice tons of nail polishes at Sephora that day.  I envy Singaporeans, because you girls now can buy Butter London, Ciaté, and Nails Inc easily there.

Butter London is known as the first carcinogen-free nail lacquer in the US.  Carcinogenic ingredients are capable of causing cancer, although not for every case, but they have a potential to trigger cancer in our body.  So, it is good to know Butter London nail polishes are safe to use.  And the colors are just argghhh, can I have all of them?  I wish.  It comes in  new colors for this summer. You can find 6 new colors in its Summer Holiday Bespoke Collection.

Ciaté (Colour, Innovation, Aspiration, Trend and Extraordinary) which is a British born beauty brand also stand out because of its unique cute bow packaging!  Nicknamed by top press as the “nail innovators of our time”, Ciaté offers affordable luxury in the latest nail trends.    The brand founded by Charlotte Knight, a celebrity nail technician who has been working with celebrity clients, fashion designers and a regular on magazine shoots.

Okay, by chance, all three nail polish brands are related to the UK.  I swear, I have nothing to do with it.  :)  The last nail polish brand that I want to talk about is Nails Inc., one of UK’s leading nail brands.  This brand offers the latest trends like leather effect polish, magnetic, 3D glitter, sprinkles and nail jewellery.  One of Indonesian fashion bloggers, Heidy Kalalo, bought one of these nail polishes called Trafalgar Square Magnetic.  This particular nail polish that Heidy picked forming a unique pattern with less effort.  So if you love to add something different on your nails, you probably want to try Nails Inc nail polishes.

All of these brands have been showcased in the fashion industry as well.  You might have  spotted them at Fashion Week or fashion show backstage, magazines, basically anything related with fashion that requires the model to look awesome from hair to nails.  See?  I think I spent a lot of time just by looking at these beautiful nail polishes.  I even didn’t touch the makeup section yet!  But what else can I say, ladies?  I bet you already know about what makeup brands that you can find in Sephora, and I mentioned some brands in the beginning of this post.  Just keep in mind to bring “enough” money if you’re planning to visit the store, not too much, just enough amount of money, and hide your card if you’re in the “shopping ban”.  I personally think it is impossible to get out of Sephora without buying at least one small thing.  #firstworldproblem

Oh, just out of curiosity, have you tried any of the nail polish brands that I mentioned?  Which one and what shade do you love the most?