Retro-Revival Fix from Our Favourite Brand Fossil

To me, the vintage Americana look is one that will never get old (ha ha get it?). I’m a big fan of the look that came during the time of the Rat Pack and the Comet jetliner: I like weathered brown leather, A-line dresses, and pencil skirts. I basically want to live in an episode of Mad Men.

Luckily for me, my quest to becoming Joan Holloway has been made easier with the opening of a new Fossil store at Plaza Senayan. The Texas-based purveyor of all things retro has opened shop in South Jakarta, bringing with it a staple offering of watches, leather goods, and accessories. They celebrated their new space with a fun housewarming party that saw guests treated to fun things such as snacks, a photobooth, and even a silhouette artist, who made cutouts of everyone’s profile in under a minute. I’ve since changed all my profile pictures on the internet to a picture of said silhouette!

On to the goods! Fossil brought in the retro-inspired watches for which they are most well-known. The watches from their women’s range are feminine but never fragile, which is something I’ve always enjoyed about their designs.

They’ve also stocked a great lineup of leather and canvas handbags and totes to meet everyone’s needs and tastes. There’s a Fossil handbag for every day of the month, and you’ll do yourself no favours by not checking them out. What I liked best was the range of colours on offer, perfect for colour co-ordinating or colour-blocking.

But while Fossil consistently comes up with great watches and bags for women, I’m partial to their collections tailored for men and will more likely spend money on something from the men’s than women’s section. I really like strong, chunky watches to offset and add a bit of toughness to the look of a floral-print dress. Their leather duffel and messenger bags have also been on my radar since I first saw them – I’m ¬†pretty sure a lot of my adventuring will have more of an Indiana Jones feel to them if I do it with one of their bags.

Are you a fan of retro-revival accessories? Next time you’re in the mood for something old-fashioned, head down to Fossil at Plaza Senayan for your fix!