Jeannie Mai; From the Latest Trends to Giving Christina Aguilera a Makeover

On the first day of Marina Bay Sands VIP Fashion Night (VFN)  2013 Media Trip, all media and fashion bloggers had a chance to interview Jeannie Mai.  She is the one who hosted the big event, and aside from that, she’s a renowned fashion expert, celebrity stylist, and host of Style Network series How Do I Look? in the US.  That being said, it was pretty normal to see each one of us in the group were so excited of meeting her, right? :)

She greeted us with big smile in her casual chic outfit.  I can say it almost felt like she sparks her positive energy wherever she goes.  I know she had a jam-packed schedule because she had to film for VFN short clips which she’s also the host, she’s also had to prepare her very own makeover sessions, and God knows what else she had to do.  But she never lost her smile.

I know this post is going to be a long post, but I really hope you read from the beginning to the end because her answers will inspire you to do more, to change to be a better you, and to inspire others.  So let’s start!

What is your favorite color?

I would say blue.  Blue is my favorite.  When I was younger I used to read a lot of comics. I just love women who are powerful figures and Wonder Woman in comics she always had jet black hair with blue to it.  I don’t know, it’s something that triggers inside of me when I see it, I just loved it.  But with anything, you know you have to definitely have a tasteful look to it, so sometimes when the blue looks too much I tame it in different way.  My point is you can have color but make sure you look tasteful.

What is your most favorite trends?

I really love peplums for women, I think it is a very delicate beautiful tasteful look for almost all women.  I have too many favorites so I’m gonna pick three instead of just one.  Another trend that I love is breaking rules.  I really love whenever I see women like break rules, you know I’ve seen when women wear two different lip colors, maybe like monochromatic color on top and then a dark on bottom lip. Doing great makeup at the bottom of your eyes, and nothing on top is really sexy.  Bleaching out your eyebrows.  Number three, I would say mixing animal patterns, like zebra mixed with leopard, snake skin mixed with cheetah spots. I love animal on animal. I think it’s very sexy for women.

What fashion trend do you hate?

The trend that I hate.  It’s hard to say I hate trends, because some trends don’t work for me, because I’m a 5’4 girl, but it might work for amazing Giselle’s body. But I will say one that I don’t love is when some sneakers are a little too crazy like some sneakers have like those crazy freakin’ mickey mouse head or wings that are too crazy.  They’re cool for dudes, like if you’re a dude wearing jeans and slouchy.  But if you’re a girl, you have like nice sexy legs, you wear this alien head on your foot, you’re going to look like Lindsay Lohan coming home from jail.  So I don’t love that.

Do you have any fashion mistakes that you regret?

Let me tell you something, ladies.   If you look back in your history, and you can never find one oh-my-gosh-I-can’t-believe-I-did-that, you’re probably living in my opinion one of the most safe life.  Truly.  Here is the reason why.  When you look back in your life and you see something that you couldn’t believe you did, it’s a good thing, because it’ll actually kick your butt today to make you try something different or maybe learn something new about your body.   So yes, I have times when I can’t believe I wore that, but I’m not regretful about it, because I still love it, DOESN’T mean I’m going to do it again.  You have to try, you have to take risks.  Most fashion trends, by the way, happened by mistake.

If someone wants to update their style, what is the first thing she/he should do?

The first thing that I would do is make a mood board.  So I would take some of your best pictures, you know what I’m talking about, going through your photos and find your sexiest best photos, put those pictures out, and put them in the center of your mood board, so you see pictures of yourself that you like.  Then go through magazine, Polyvore, Pinterest, websites, and start picking out images of things that you just love.  Anything.  It could be cupcake, it could be Ryan Gosling, it could be a great band or great colors, fashion pictures of course.   And just start to tap them around you, and then the next thing is to either write or print up words that inspire you.  What are words that describe you?  Are you mysteriously sexy?  Are you a shoe-fanatic?  Are you afraid of bright colors?  Whatever it is.  It doesn’t have to be a great word.  Put them out on your mood board and take a look at it and step back, and I promise you, you’ll start to see different inspirations from the colors and the styles and the font that you wrote, all these things will come together around your picture of your face and you’ll start to feel the sense of new things that you can try.  Then take a look at a magazine and begin cutting out the pictures of things you’ve never tried before but you think look great.  Even you don’t think you’ll ever wear it, still stick it on that board as well.  That’s how you start out your new look and you’ll shop differently.

What is your prediction for the next big trends?

Makeup and hair is going to become very, very much less done.  We’re talking hair is gonna look less polished.  You can already see it in messy top knots or having a messy wave which is gonna be like you comb it with your fingertips which I’m going to love, it’s a way to be lazy. :D Makeup is going to be really really less, I might have to let go of my lashes, I’m not ready for that. Makeup is gonna be really, really undone, matte lips, matte nails are coming back, everything less shiny.  Another big trend that I’m noticing is the kitten heels actually have a really cool new unique shape to it where it’s going to be very slender and women’s feet are going to look really narrow but it’s through the point of the heel.

Top 3 tips for every women out there

  1. Posture – Big time is posture.  There is a big difference of wearing amazing outfit and kind of slouching and looking covered up and not sure what to do with yourself and another is just sit and own the room and feel good about yourself.
  2. Smile – This is something that every women has, whether you feel attractive or not. Smile.  Smiling is probably one of the most sexiest gesture that every women should always try to do more.  Even with your eyes, you can smile like Tyra Banks. :)
  3. Having Fun – This tip works for every outfit. You don’t have to wear your fabulous outfit, you can do this in your sweater. Having fun with your life.  When women have more fun, you notice they look younger and more confident and attractive.

If you can do a makeover for Hollywood celebrity, who would that be?

First of all, I really, really want people to always feel comfortable about the way they look and represents themselves, however, I do think sometimes style could be balanced so that you can see the amazing shoes or the crazy haircut or your body if you don’t have too much going on.  So that being said, she was one of my clients before, Christina Aguilera.  I really love her, I really do.  Today, she loves makeup, she loves hair, nails, eyelashes, gloss, fingertips, shoes, she loves her boobs, she loves her butt, like she loves all of it, and it’s a little too much.  I called it the fashion vehicle, whenever I get dressed for my shows, I ask my hair, my makeup, my wardrobe, like what’s driving right now?  So you think about car, you have a driver, a passenger, and even one in the backseat.  Your hair, your makeup, and your wardrobe are the same thing. You have to decide what’s driving out of your outfit.  For me, I think my pattern is driving, I think it’s pretty loud.  That means my makeup and my hair has to take the back seats.  So it’s like you have to pick certain pieces so that it would be like you can see “that’s a great shoes” instead of wearing 20 different things.



Anyone read this post until this part? *waving* :D  I hope you’ll get something useful from this interview.  And if you want to know more about Jeannie Mai, I suggest you watch her videos on YouTube, she has her own channel there.  See how amazing she is yourself. :)