Recent Purchase: My Japanese Makeup Haul

Lo and behold, the crazy girl who’s obsessed with Japanese makeup is back with a vengeance! Remember the heyday where I first joined Fashionese Daily and infected you all with the Majolica Majorca Mascara obsession? Oh, I can’t believe it’s almost 6 years since Affi wrote the review on Majolica Majorca Craze post. How time flew by so quickly.

Anyway, it’s been years since I dwell into the Japanese makeup scene. Partly because I knew if I kept myself updated with the latest information about the Japanese makeup releases, I’m going to feel tempted. There were times where every month there’s a package arrived at my doorsteps with the latest Japanese makeup products. And I knew I had to stop at one point because the amount of my makeup is just too¬†ridiculous¬†for a person to have in one lifetime.

But you know what? The review on KATE BB Cream by Ira, as mentioned on my review of KATE foundation here, reminded me of why I grew to love their products. No matter whether it’s the affordable drugstore brand or the very expensive products, they’re always good and live up to my expectations. I’ve also begun to use Japanese skincare since last month.

Thanks to our new Community Manager, Sarah, who had just recently visited Japan, who’s helped me satisfy my hunger for Japanese makeup.

KATE Powderless Liquid Cover foundation, Media lipstick and blushes and KATE eyeshadow base.

I’ve reviewed KATE foundation which has been discontinued, so I bought the new version of KATE Powderless Liquid Cover foundation for review purposes – excuses, excuses. But let me tell you that I’ve been using it for the past couple of days, and I’m not missing the old formula at all. It’s that good!

And the Media blushes, I’m sure there are still few members in Female Daily who remember how I rave about this blush and it’s dirt cheap – not even IDR 100,000! – and the lipstick is a souvenir from Sarah *kiss kiss*.

Rest assure that I’m going to review these babies.

But in the meantime, it’s time for confessing your sin girls, what’s your recent beauty haul!