Little Miss Peony, A Burberry Tale

I’ve acquired quite a lot of Burberry Beauty makeup in a short span of time last year. One of the items that I haven’t got a chance to pick up is their blushes. Well, I was very lucky to have been given one from a special someone of mine *wink*.

Presenting, Burberry Light Glow Natural Blush in 04 Peony.

Comes with a black check print pouch

Isn't she gorgeous?

This is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful blushes I’ve ever laid my eyes on. I adore my Laduree’s rose petals, but this is just pure luxury. From the sleek gunmetal square compact etched with its signature checked print down to the magnetic closure, Burberry really has got my heart pinned down to the ground full of rose blossoms. It doesn’t hurt that the blush smells like one too.

When I say detailed, I mean serious business. Burberry really designed their products with sophistication and elegance in mind. The powder is pressed with the check print as well. It’s almost a sin to use it. Believe me, there were a lot of  “ooh-ing” and “ah-ing” before I finally had the gut to wear it. I’m going to be sad once the print is gone. It comes with a full mirror, making it convenient for touch ups on the go. It also comes with a slanted natural-haired brush that actually performs rather well. I still prefer to use my own brush though, just because. The magnetic closure, seriously, aside from it being handy, that ‘clap’ noise it makes every time I close it is a music to my ears. I feel extra special.

Detailed to the T

Little Miss Peony, is what the guy and I called it, is a light cool-toned pink shade, not too blue though. It has some shimmer but doesn’t translate to the skin, instead it gives a soft glow to the skin, hence the name. I usually stay away from baby pinks because they could emphasize the redness around my cheeks. But I’m happy to tell you this doesn’t. Peony was the blush shade Burberry BA put on me during a quick makeover during my visit to the counter and it’s been in my wish list ever since. It gives a beautiful pop of flush. The color makes me feel girly-er than ever.

Let me tell you about the texture. It’s so heavenly silky soft, finely milled and feels velvety. Oh, you may think most high end brands have that characteristics for their blushes. What’s new? No, you have to touch this yourself to understand what I mean, even words can’t fathom the exquisite texture.

Peony is pigmented. But not the pigmented-kind as say, NARS blushes, where sometimes the pigment is too intense and we have to spend more time in blending. It has a sheer quality to it, but once applied, I can definitely see the color right away. It’s easy to build the up color yet hard to overdo and never patchy. It applies super smooth and evenly. It seamlessly blends in with the skin, making it easy to create that effortless look. And it stays put for a good long hours. It withstood Singapore’s hot humid climate! I don’t think I’ve ever come across something as stellar as this.

Little Miss Peony in its full glory

Peony is a light colored blush. I’m sad to say that it might not show up on medium to darker skin tones. But don’t fret! Burberry has a few of other lovely shades. For Spring/Summer’13 collection, two new gorgeous shades were released: Coral Pink and Hydrangea Pink. The names are already reeling me in.

At USD 42 a piece, it is not everyone’s cup of tea. But for those of you mad blush fiends, you should at least own one.

I, for one, aim to collect them all. I think it sounds doable, no? ;)