Manjusha Nusantara; A Taste of Traditional Indonesian Jewellery

Traditional jeweller Manjusha Nusantara celebrated its second anniversary by way of a trunk show, fashion show, and luncheon at Senayan National Golf Club. Manjusha Nusantara – which translates to jewellery box – has put on the event with the theme Swarnadwipa – Pulau Emas Kemilau Sriwijaya to spotlight the range of Sriwijaya-era jewellery. Visitors learned a little about the history of Sumatran jewellery and enjoyed looking through a selection of necklaces, bangles, and earrings that evoked a rich sense of history and cultural pride.

Manjusha Nusantara came together to share what they’ve learned, namely the connection between Indonesian history and its traditional jewellery. They try to make traditional jewellery more accessible to  modern women, as part of their contribution to pass on the Indonesian heritage.

The four founders of the brand have worked very hard to inject new energy into traditional Indonesian culture, going as far as encouraging their visitors to wear their Manusha jewellery in their daily activities. For Mrs. Ina Symonds, being in the jewellery business is about giving something back to Indonesia while establishing their line as trendsetters. She admits that despite being a small fish in a big pond of actors who are also trying to help turn obscure Indonesian culture into something more globally mainstream, they are willing to learn from their more experienced counterparts to better call attention to their multi-pronged cause.

Founders Ria W. Glenn, Terry W. Supit, Ina Symonds, and Yasmin W.

When asked what the brand has in store for the future, Mrs. Yasmin W. drew wholehearted laughter when she responded by saying, “Our hopes are sky-high…or at least as high as our sasak.” She goes on to explain that she, along with the three other founders, are doing what they can to preserve and promote the Indonesian culture that they all love so much. Their coming together to form a business is meant to help Indonesian women represent home-made products by wearing home-made jewellery, but also to help guide master craftsmen to better opportunities by providing them access to networks and funding.

The afternoon closed with a fashion show, lunch, and a happy closing: “Ten percent of proceeds from all sales today will go to Lions Club Jakarta Cosmopolitan!” they announced cheerily to applause, speaking of the international organisation with charitable and community service-oriented goals.