Wednesday Wish List: Nike Free 5.0+

The Female Daily HQ is on fire now.  Almost all of us try to live healthy and push ourselves to exercise.  Since our Weight Loss Challenge ended, we all are motivated to do more.  If you follow Hanzky on instagram, then you know her Fit N Fab journey. She’s been eating clean and exercising regularly.  Affi couldn’t resist the “fun” of Master Bootcamp so she goes to Senayan almost every Saturday morning.  Mazaya goes to a Zumba studio every Wednesday.  Vanya has just started her clean eating routine.  Syita and Dhany are consistantly going to the gym as well.  Even now, we have Pilates session every Monday and Wednesday in our office!   See? :D

As for me, I admit I don’t have the determination to follow the clean eating menu.  So I prefer to exercise.  And that means I need to find a gym.  I’m not the kind of person who can exercise at home because I would compromise  a lot.  I need a trainer or a group to motivate me of doing more reps.  :)  So, after much considerations and reading lots of recommendations, I’ve made up my mind and chose one.  Actually, it’s one more step to close the deal on a gym membership.  I will post an update after I close the deal for sure.  One thing for sure, I want to join to 2013 Fit n Fab Journey too!

But before I really hit the gym, I do realize I have to find the right “gear”.  Hanzky already posted about her investment on Nike Lunar Hyper Workout Training Shoes and I couldn’t agree more.  Having the right pair of shoes is important indeed.  I do feel my current shoes are not “the one”.  They aren’t flexible enough when I’m running, the rubber is just blah (read: slippery on wood floor), and I don’t feel 100% comfortable wearing them.

That being said, I did some digging on Nike’s website and found about Nike Free 5.0+.

Feet are the foundation of movement. When they’re able to flex, stretch and be themselves, the natural technology we were all born with does what it was meant to do. This is the insight that led to the creation of Nike Free shoes almost ten years ago and it continues to drive design enhancements today.

Don’t you agree? :) The website also pointed out that these shoes use Dynamic Nike Flywire technology and provides secure support without the added weight.  My first impression when I looked at the picture was “WHAT?!  I can actually roll up these shoes?”  They are SO flexible and I’m drooling right now.

For those of you who also interested, these shoes come with 6 colors options, from cool grey to turquoise, we choose.  I bet they are super comfy and friendly for our feet too.  Writing all of this makes me want these shoes even more! :p

Do you have any running or training shoes recommendations, ladies?  Please leave a comment below so everyone can see and check out your favorite as well.