Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1: My Creativity Outlet on the Go

I’m new to the Android phone – I’ve only been using it for the last couple of months or so. But this gives me the inside scoop of working around the Android environment and I quite like it. It helps me with my work so much. But the thing with mobile phone is that the screen is so limited that you can only do so much with it. Thus, I’m really considering a tablet. That’s where Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 comes in.

Here are the extra things that I do with my phone: keeping up with my schedule and tying it up with the notes that I made from the meeting or events I attended, outlet to jot down my ideas but currently it’s merely in text form and of course snapping some pictures, minimal editing and then off I go sharing it to the world via @fashionesedaily Twitter and Instagram. So the logic is, when I get a tablet, it should be able to do even more than my phone.

I took the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 for a test drive and here’s couple of things that I love about it.

The 10.1″ screen is wide enough for me to do a full blown work and it’s really easy on the eyes. It’s both light and thin, 565 grams and 8.6 mm respectively. It gives a better view for pictures and video – special highlight on the video with its better multimedia feature that allows you to experience cinema magic with Full HD Playback. How does that translate to my work? We often do presentations in front of clients that involves a lot of images and videos, and those can be viewed at the utmost clarity when I present them to the client. I hate when I’ve done my best to prepare the presentation and the delivery isn’t at its best because of gadget glitches.

Of course the Polaris Office enable me to view, edit and create various documents such as PowerPoint, Word and Excel with ease. Last minute touch ups isn’t so foreign, right?

But here are the things that I love the most about this tablet. The design and creative related apps that seems to work flawlessly and really help me to get my job done.

First love goes to the PS Touch app – it allows me to retouch and resize the photos that I downloaded from our photographer’s camera and share it right away to @fashionesedaily’s followers. There are a lot of fashion shows that are just impossible for me to get good photos through mobile phone. I always thought that Photoshop is something that can only be done through desktop. I was proven wrong.

What about the S Note app? All I can say is, “Where have I been?” Grisselda has been telling me how awesome this app is, and she was  right. I could combine notes of my meetings between my doodling (I love to doodle flowchart to better explain a process), and photos with ease. Also, it’s a great outlet for me to jot down ideas for articles – when I have to create articles where I need to combine several sources, the clipboard allows us to store up to 20 texts and images that you can insert right away to your document.

The last thing that I love is the Line Brush app, because I often ask Putri to sketch me a design for garments that I bought. I’m great in gathering ideas about what I want to do when I look at great fabrics, but then I don’t know how to translate it visually. That’s where Putri would come in and help me with sketches and I could just give this  to my tailor.  Yay!

And all of the experiences above are made easy with the use of S Pen. I’m not new to this stylus kind of thing, but by far, this is the most seamless experience so far. S Pen has made writing and sketching on Note 10.1 feels like a piece of cake. It responds to my movement with precision. What’s not to love, right?

The verdict? Definitely head over heels with this Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1!