Stand Out from the Crowd with Samsung La’Fleur

As a woman, I want to look good most of the time.  I usually pick the outfit that I want to wear tomorrow the night before, even I try them on to see whether I can create a new mix n match or not.  It is no surprise to read that, right, ladies?  I bet some of us are familiar with that routine. :D

I have the need inside of me to express myself.  I want to look good and I want to feel good with everything that I wear and own from head to toe-  from hair to shoes, from bag even to gadget.  I personally think now it is a common thing to see people or even myself use gadgets as accessories that can complement the whole look.

I have many cellphone cases just because I want to stand out from the crowd.  Sounds silly?  It is actually very reasonable.  I just want to be different and therefore I use a hot neon pink case or a skull case for my cellphone.  Nowadays we have a lot of choices for our cellphone.

But how about tablet?  Tablet offers a more “professional” vibe so the variety of the cases as not “wild and fun” as cellphone’s.  But I want something unique.  And Samsung has what I am looking for!

Samsung launched La Fleur Collection in Indonesia – targeted for women obviously.  There are four devices in La Fleur Collection: Samsung GALAXY Tab 2 7.0″, Samsung GALAXY S III Mini, Samsung GALAXY Y, and Samsung C3520.

They are designed so beautifully with flower patterns and different colors than the standard black and white devices.  For this particular Samsung GALAXY Tab 2 7.0″, I couldn’t help myself but fall in love with the chic garnet red color.  Look at how fierce this tablet is!  Definitely the kind of tablet that can make people ask “What tablet are you using?” :)

This garnet red on Samsung GALAXY Tab 2 7.0″ definitely will go well with any work or casual outfits that I have.  The unique experience of using this tablet is basically what I’m looking for.

Aside of the gorgeous garnet red color, this tablet is also equipped with La’Fleur Suite which is filled with top recommendation applications, so we know the “IT” apps that we should consider to download.  We can see and choose applications from beauty, health, photography, to girly wallpaper.  Very practical in my opinion, so I don’t have to spend more time searching and read the reviews. If Samsung has created this special suite of app recommendations, why not?

So if you love being the central of attention, and dare to be unique than most people, you definitely need to check out Samsung La’Fleur collection.

FYI, for this launch of Samsung La’Fleur collection, Samsung  and LUX are  holding a contest for you to win the device.  Samsung is also working with BII until this end of April to give Samsung La’Fleur GALAXY SIII Mini for women who open an account with an initial balance of IDR 5,000,000.  For more info about these promotions, click here and follow @Samsung_ID to find out their latest news.