Kate Spade Saturday – Laid Back Freshness

As a longtime fan of Kate Spade’s quirky designs when it comes to bags, I am one of those girls who squealed in delight when I heard that the brand was launching a sister label called ‘Saturday’ last year.  I silently hoped Saturday won’t come up with a ‘signature monogram’, because that’s where design ends and monotony begins.  So I waited and waited, scouring every WWD report on Saturday’s development, stalking the new brand’s  Instagram account which was filled with teasers surrounding their upcoming products and stare longingly at the website –which had nothing until a few weeks ago.  Finally, Saturday was launched and I was happy.

Kate Spade fulfilled its promise and delivered Saturday in friendlier price points (under $200 for a small-sized leather bag? Nice deal), and bold albeit a tad too simple designs.  I suspect this is due to the brand’s Japanese influence and also its consumers’ demographics.  Saturday was developed with Japanese consumers in mind, so it’s only natural to give them what they’re used to: a clean, sleek but bold enough to be statement pieces.

The new brand envisioned its collection to be ‘more casual’ than Kate Spade, and from where I’m sitting, it looks like the people behind Saturday are really aware of what the younger souls want.  Instead of signature monograms (which I dread), they came up with signature zigzag pattern and I couldn’t be happier.  The first clothing collection is adorned with splashes of bright colors of spring, with a heavy whiff of Kate Spade’s sophistication in each and every piece including its jeans.  Yes, people, Saturday offers classic denim pants as its token of casual look.

Naturally, Saturday also takes after Kate Spade in the bag department.  Some of the bags, I suspect have similar base patterns to Kate Spade’s previous creations.  But I don’t mind, because Saturday magically transformed Kate Spade’s influence into its own signature pieces.  I’m especially in love with its Weekender, Half Circle and Two Way bag.  The latter piece screams aloud that function should never limit design. And if you value this as much as I do, you’ll fall in love with Saturday before you know it.

Saturday launched in Tokyo earlier in March and opened another store in Osaka just recently.  The brand plans to have five stores in Japan by mid-year, and is currently available online for US consumers.  Worry not, we heard they’re expanding internationally later this year to an unannounced date.

While we wait for Saturday’s arrival in Indonesia, here are some of my personal favorites from the brand: younger, fresher and more affordable in comparison to its older sister, Kate Spade.  Check the full collection at www.saturday.com and indulge!