Luxurious Scented Candles; Indulgence or a Waste of Money?

I’ve just pick my scented candles habit right back up again after a decade of storing it away along with my university days belongings when I moved back to Jakarta. I used to enjoy a quiet night of lighting a scented candle with the lights switched off and stargazing through the big window of my apartment with a warm cup of tea in my hands. It’s a very surreal moment, albeit I can only withstand a maximum of 15 minutes of total silence on my own.

I think scented candles aren’t just about what brand it is or what scent it is, but what sort of emotion that scented candle could convey to you at any given time that you light it up. I’m being too philosophical aren’t I? But that’s what scents can do to your senses. It can transport you somewhere else, only if your imagination permits you to do so.

Anyway, if I could splurge on luxury scented candles, here are my picks. Do you think they’re a true indulgence, or just a waste of money? Anyone here willing to dip into their wallet for these?

L’Occitane Lavender scented candle IDR 330,000 – a soothing lavender scented candles that will be perfect to light up after a nice shower with the Lavander bath and body collection, believe me, it’s surreal!

MOR Emporium Candle Royal Mulberry SGD 51 – I came across this brand while browsing through Luxola, and mulberry sounds like a nice fruity to have, don’t you think?

Diptyque Joinquille USD 60 – Diptyque bath and body products always blow my mind, even the scent from their hand soap stays for hours and it’s only natural that their scented candles also intrigue me. Diptyque products are available at Papillon here.

Laduree Mini Brioche & Wild Strawberry Candle SGD 91 – Not that I’ve tried any Laduree macaroon before, but the scent of macaroon is always a delicious scent. So this one is definitely a very yummy scent. Available from Jooix.