Cheap Thrills: 5 Eyeshadow Palettes Under 150k

Looking for an  eyeshadow palette?  How about taking a look at these 5 palettes that I picked before you spend your money?

I have picked 5 drugstore aka affordable eyeshadow palettes under IDR 150,000.  These are great for beginners, because you won’t want to waste money before you’re good at applying eyeshadows, right?  Not to mention these palettes are also good in quality, definitely worth every penny.  If you love eyeshadows you probably already have at least one of them in your makeup vanity.  :)

Playing with eyeshadows is fun, indeed.  That’s why I think it would be great if we own a palette that contains colors. That way we’ll have  more colors to play around.

So here are my 5 picks :

1.  Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Collection – IDR 149,000

Who’s excited knowing now we can buy Wet n Wild products in Indonesia?  I know I am excited.  I have Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Collection Comfort Zone since last year, and that just made me want to try the other ones.  The palette retails for IDR 149,000 in Indonesia.  You’ll get 8 pigmented colors from this palette, so roughly we only pay IDR 19,000 for one color.  That is quite a steal, ladies.  I have a new addition from this palette. Recently, I’ve been playing with Wet n Wild Color Icon Petal Pusher.  The great thing is, from the 8 colors in the palette, I can create a lot of eye looks.

2.  Maybelline Hyper Diamonds – IDR 98,000

If you love shimmery eyeshadows, go with Maybelline Hyper Diamonds.  This mini palette has beautiful sparkly eyeshadows that will draw people’s attention to you.  I usually don’t use it on a daily basis, but if I have invitation where I need to dress up a little bit more, I found myself grabbing this palette again and again.  Maybelline Hyper Diamonds contains five colors, from light to dark color, more than enough to create such stunning dimension on the eyes.  I have the green one, two shades are quite hard to work with, but the rest of them are fine.  Read the review here.

3.  Sariayu Trend Warna 2013 – IDR 45,200

I had the full collection of Sariayu Trend Warna 2011 and I didn’t realize I haven’t bought one since then.  Sariayu palettes is one of those palettes that have well pigmented eyeshadows.  Not to mention, Sariayu always attracts attention by bringing the bright, gorgeous colors.  Sariayu Trend Warna Eyeshadows come in a mini palette containing three colors.  Before you think these three colors are too bright or too crazy, relax, we can play with “the set” so it will appear nicely on our eyes.  Read Syita’s FOTD article, then you’ll know you can mix yellow, emerald green and purple nicely. :)

4.  Revlon Custom Eyes – IDR 110,000

This is definitely an oldie but goodie.  Deszell told me this palette is the one that she loves out of all Revlon palettes out there, and she wrote a tutorial using this palette here.  The palette contains five colors as well.  The packaging is different than the others because between the  five colors, there are no separations.  You’ll get five colors located side by side without any gaps which is not a big deal. It’s just a unique packaging that we rarely see in other palettes.  This palette comes with a chart on the back, so it’s helpful, especially for beginners to know where each color should go.

5.  Sleek Eyeshadow Palette – $9.99

We don’t have Sleek counters or stores in Indonesia, but as far as I know, we can find and buy it easily from some online shops here.  This is probably the best deal. 12 shades with a sleek packaging (hence the name) retails for $9.99!  In our country, you will get this palette around IDR 150,000, depending on which online store you buy it from.  I’ve used one of my Sleek Eyeshadow Palettes in this tutorial. These eyeshadows are awesome for $9.99, great texture, awesome color-payoff, and it lasts long enough even without an eyeshadow primer. This is definitely one of my favorite palettes so far.

So, are you ready to play with colors, girls? :)

  • nyowz

    Have some of Wet n Wild and Sleek Palettes.. Love them :D Really pigmented and blend easily.. yaayy..