Lipstick Monday: Luscious Lips with Burberry Hibiscus

Sometime last year, FD invited me to MUFE Rouge Artist Lipstick Dare. I was matched to a really great bold red lipstick. Ever since then, I became a little more adventurous in my lipstick choices. When it comes to making a statement, wearing a red lipstick will do just the trick. When it’s done right, it will bring an immense amount of confidence to the wearer and draw in compliments. Stares and looks from passersby are a given. I can vouch you on that.

That being said, my go-to red lipstick is the Burberry Lip Cover Soft Satin Lipstick in No.20 Hibiscus.

Burberry lipsticks are gorgeous to look at. I bet if you take this out from your bag, people around you will comment or at least pay a little gaze on it. It’s a modern take of a classic box lipstick packaging, with Burberry’s signature check print etched on its gunmetal casing. The lipstick is also embossed with the same iconic check print. And that magnetic closure simply seal the deal. It has a darling rose scent. The whole presentation is a feast for the eyes.

Burberry Beauty has a great selection of red lipsticks. I bought this shade sight unseen and I have no ounce of regrets. It did take some major guts to wear it in the beginning, but once I know how to work around it, I never look back.

Hibiscus is a deep vivid cool-toned red, with berry/cherry undertones. Depending on your natural lip color, the undertones might show up differently. On a daily basis, my natural lip has a mauve tone, so this pulls more berry most of the times. But when my lips are lighter, this could look more red and slightly cherry.

Hibiscus is also intensely pigmented. One swipe will give you a lot to work with. It’s creamy but not overly, glides on easily, and has a satin sheen finish. It isn’t, however, as moisturizing as my other Burberry Lip Covers. It could get a little dry at the end of day, but nothing a lip balm can fix. My lips are dry and sensitive though, so for those of you who have normal lips, you have nothing to worry about.

This is undoubtedly my favorite red lipstick to date. I absolutely love how this particular red shade looks against my skin tone.

In the photo above, I applied it 2-3 swipes, just to show you how intense it could be. There are several different ways of how I would wear this lipstick. I will write them in a separate post. Wait for it ;)