Yay or Nay: Louis Vuitton ‘Petite’ Bags Collection

French women are so lucky. They look so chic all the time even when they’re riding their bicycle. On top of that, they still look pretty (not slouchy at all) and well groomed. Tell me, how is that fair?

I wasn’t much affected by the current petite bags trend. I’ve seen it everywhere. More and more designers are coming up with petite-sized bags, though I wasn’t too sure whether they’re made for function, but they’re definitely the most prettiest kind of bags. Even Hanzky caught the buzz herself and decided to grab one and use as a bag that she tows away for lunch.

Depends on how small your bag is, but the smaller it is, expect to only bring very few items inside your bag. Especially when it’s structured, usually the slouchy ones have a smaller space. I actually love structured ones better, because they don’t look bulky.

Now, the trick when you’re bringing this kind of bag is to keep it simple. Bring the essentials such as mobile phone, stick with one lipstick instead of the whole makeup pouch, touch up kit such as blotting powder and change your wallet to a smaller one.

You want to know what convinced me to dive into this trend? It’s the mini icon collection from Louis Vuitton. Because small is the new big. The idea of not having to bring my whole life inside my bag is refreshing.

I first fell in love because of the miniature version of the classic Alma BB. Very ladylike and a perfect companion from day to night. You can just sling it across with the body strap for a day time look. But most importantly, it also comes in bright colours!


The all new Monceau BB looks a bit masculine. It reminds me of men’s briefcase. Make no mistake, it’s definitely not manly at all. It also comes with a long strap.

Last but not least is the Pochette. It’s ┬ánot just an accessory. It’s the perfect lunch with the ladies bag, much like how Hanzky uses hers. If you still own the original one in Monogram, it’s definitely the perfect time to take it out and about.


Now that I’ve given you the pretty petite bags to choose from, what do you think of them? Totally useless? Or a big ‘yay’ because they’re just too pretty to pass?

  • pablohoney

    I’m actually digging these smaller bags sih Mal, udah ngelirik beberapa malahan. But I’d feel empty (and insecure) if I have to take out a lot of the usual stuff I carry :p

    Itu mini Alma-nya bagus yah, not necessarily an LV fan sih, tp yg Epi leather itu bagus. But not sure if I have the “je ne sais quoi” to carry it hehe.

  • Dryxanne

    been in love with the maroon/red epi leather one…tapi harganya ngeri bgt for such a small bag :p