Soft Textured & Hydrating Cream for Normal, Combination & Oily Skin

Hands up if you’re using Creme de la Mer or even Gel de la Mer that Ira (Lautbiru) praised here?

I, myself, though having a very vicious dry skin, don’t really enjoy the texture of Creme de la Mer because when I’m in a hurry, I found myself warming up the cream in between my palms impatiently so that I can apply it to my face. Without the warming up ritual, the texture is rather thick so that I can’t apply it evenly. Gel de la Mer, on the other hand, is too thin for my dry skin.

That’s where La Mer Soft Cream comes in-to fill in the gap that the Creme and Gel de la Mer left out. A cream that is soft in texture but can be hydrating for every type of skincare but not too thick for those with oily skin.¬†

Here’s the drill down. Texture-wise: it’s a white cream that’s ¬†very soft and not sticky at all. Seriously, not sticky! Application is very nice, doesn’t seep in quite as fast as the gel but it’s not as hard as the creme. Hydration-wise? I apply in combination with my serum (it’s a brightening serum not hydration serum, but still I feel the serum gives added hydration) and I found this hydrating up to 12 hours but no more than that. My skin is dry and I found it to be thinner in consistency compared to my normal moisturizer. I wouldn’t recommend those with dry skin to use this cream alone without serum, because it would be too dry.

I suspect that those with combination and oily skin will love it too, as it’s actually suggested for them and people with normal skin will definitely fall in love with the texture.

Final word? If you’re looking for a soft cream that is neither too rich and hydrating nor of a gel texture, you definitely have to grab this! As they say, it’s a cream that is “coveted by those in the know.”

  • balkony

    it’s very confuse to find good skin moisturizer for special skin especially for oily skin. i always suggest you try this one.

  • Jahanara Angel

    How much money for this cream?