Beauty Updates: First Aid Beauty Dual Repair Collection

We’ve been obsessing over First Aid Beauty products ever since Tika (Pablohoney), our new contributor, wrote her review about the moisturizer and pads. We know that it definitely receives a high score when it comes to our skin.

Now I’m giddy with excitement that First Aid Beauty will have a new skincare range called the Dual Repair Collection consisting of Eye Cream (USD40), Power Serum (USD48) and Face Cream (USD44).

Why should we love this range? Because it’s free of parabens, emulsifiers, harsh colorants and chemicals. Lilly A. Gordon, brand founder and CEO’s  explanation of the range: “They were developed to focus on two — hence dual — objectives; one: to control, soothe, [and] pacify the over-stimulation of the skin’s neurological, immunological and inflammation systems; two: to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles [and] to help firm the skin and improve skin texture and luminosity.”

Now, what you need to focus is that it’s going to help you with external environmental aggressor,  redness and inflammation, wrinkle formation, smooth and brighten.

What I can’t wait is the serum.

What’s your thought on this skincare range, ladies?