Sukma Inspirasi is Calling All Women Entrepreneurs!

Working with Female Daily Network has made me realised that we can find more and more women entrepreneurs. Not only our office is filled with them, but by visiting our forum, you can find more talented women entrepreneurs. I found them to be very inspiring, because they truly believe in what they’re doing and very determined in creating their dreams into reality through their business. These are the women that turn their dreams around and turn into something useful for their community as well as from the economic stand point.

According to the Badan Pusat Statistics (BPS) Indonesia, in the year of 2010 alone shows that almost 60% of small and medium sized enterprises in Indonesia are owned or run by women. I’m really curious of the current number because there must be an increase in percentage. There’s no doubt that women play a big part in the nation’s economy. Being an entrepreneur means that you have participated in providing job opportunities. What could be more inspiring than that?

Now, if you’re a woman entrepreneur, you have to keep reading this post, because Bank Internasional Indonesia (BII) through BII Sukma Award 2013 is calling all women entrepreneurs in Indonesia to join this award. It’s their initiative together with Sukma Inspirasi to give an appreciation to women entrepreneurs in order to select entrepreneurs who are:

  1. Brave : getting out of your comfort zone and getting into an uncertain world of being an entrepreneur.
  2. Independent : by having your own business you will be financially independent.
  3. Inspiring : by being independent you inspire women around you to be independent themselves.

What will you gain from this? With their value of asah, asih, asuh in supporting women entrepreneurs, those who are chosen will get a money prize of total IDR 250 million for their business capital, business insight and/or business advice from established entrepreneurs in Indonesia in person. They will also get a chance to expand their network and strategic alliance to ensure growth for their business. Sounds promising, right?

How to join?

  1. Visit and join Sukma Inspirasi community through or get more information through Facebook: SukmaInspirasi and Twitter: @SukmaInspirasi.
  2. Send your story along with a copy of your ID Card to Make sure that you put together all the necessary document in a WinRAR/ZIP format.
  3. Use ‘BII SUKMA AWARD [Full Name]’ as the subject of your email.
  4. More information regarding registration can be found at

Competition period: 18 December 2012 – 31 March 2013.

There are few terms & condition that you need to look out for but most importantly you need to be above 20 years old and your company registration need not be older than 3 years. Lastly, all I can say is please don’t hesitate to join this competition because as an entrepreneur you are already an inspiration one way or another. Good luck to you all.