Anyone Joining Nadya Hutagalung’s Juicing Frenzy?

Remember I wrote inĀ this article that I’m recently into juicing? My interest of juicing has grown ever since I followed Nadya Hutagalung on Instagram. The girl drinks juice like it’s slurpee. :D Of course, I’ve always known that fruits and vegetables are important to be eaten everyday, but I didn’t realize that it’s fun and actually delicious to mix vegetables and fruits. Not only we can eat a variety of vegetables and fruits in one go, we can also eat a variety of the colorful mix by 8 am in the morning. What do we usually eat by that time? Bread, perhaps? Or bubur ayam and lontong sayur? :)

So that’s how I got started. My juicing habit it not as intense as hers, though, because she usually has more greens and serves it in a huge glass! I notice she always mixes kale in her juice. After a little bit of googling, I found out that kale is high in fiber, iron, vitamin A, B, K, calcium and also has powerful antioxidant properties and helps lower cholesterol, among other things. Now I know what to hunt the next time I go grocery shopping.

left: kale + apple + carrot | right: apple + beetroot + carrot + celery

right: apple + carrot + ginger + lemon with skin on

The more I see her pictures on Instagram, the more I adore her. I used to adore her for her physical attributes back in the days, but now I learn of how green she is and how concern she really is about our planet. In addition to juicing and eating raw food, she also has a green garden at home. I believe her house is environmentally friendly too-that we don’t need air conditioner to survive. Her home is also equipped with biopori holes to preserve the environment, among many other things. She is also an ambassador for the earth hour campaign in Singapore, requesting everyone to turn up the air conditioner up by 1C. Yes, those small things matter.

So, anyone else is on this juicing bandwagon? You can follow her on Instagram , or visit this juice thread in our forum. I post my juice pictures regularly on my Instagram too, but I’m a newbie so I still use basic ingredients.

Have a Fit N Fab day, everyone :)


* photos from Nadya Hutagalung’s Instagram