Let’s Join Young Caring Professional Award 2013

If you have the chance to learn something useful and have network to expand your career, I think it is no doubt that we’d want to grab it!   Caring Colours’ YCPA program is targeted for young women professionals ages 20 – 35 years old.

Young Caring Professional Award (YCPA) is an annual program held by Caring Colours since 2010. Through YCPA, Caring Colours shines the spotlight on amazing career women out there that has shine through their work as a professional or entrepreneur-because makeup is not just about your look, it’s also about your wishes and dreams.

YCPA’s aim is for the winners to be able to motivate other women professionals to be more successful in their career development.  How do they do this? Through nurturing the community of women professionals, inspiring them and giving them training as well as giving a mean to expand their network.

Each year, YCPA carefully selects women who have excelled in their careers, as well as having positive contributions to their society as winners. Now, it’s time for you to join this group of splendid career women and be in the spotlight yourself!  YCPA 2013 is officially starting and the submission of entry is open until April 30, 2013. We better register now!

I honestly think this is a great chance for us to meet new people, make new connection and learn a lot of things from other people.  YCPA teaches us to care not just for ourselves, but also care for our company and others.  I read alumni’s testimonials when they went to a social visit to a hospital in Jakarta to cheer up the children and their parents.  It’s always nice to do good deeds and contribute to our community.  I highly recommend you to join this program. You can win a chance to visit Google office in Singapore and you will also get unforgettable experiences with Caring Colours during this journey.  For more information on YCPA, visit http://femaledaily.com/ycpa. Be sure to follow @caring_colours and join Caring Colours Fan Page to get the latest scoop on YCPA and the brand.

Are you the next Young Caring Professional? :)