IFW 2013: 4 International Designers on the Indonesian Runway

You must be wondering why there were international designers taking part on the Indonesia Fashion Week 2013 (IFW2013)? It’s one of the things that they had to do in order  to be a part of becoming a member of World Fashion Week (WFW) from World Fashion Organization based in Washington.

FYI, WFW serves as the global voice of Fashion, as “Olympic Style” global platform for the national fashion industries around the world. As a worldwide event and network for trade and fashion professionals, the annual event provides a forum for worldwide exposure and recognition, with a major role in contributing to the harmonious growth and development of the global fashion industry, working towards a greater good of harnessing and supporting relationships to keep the global fashion industry sustainable and fair.

WFW facilitates designers who are members of local or regional fashion week, to join forces (quoting terms from the Director of WFW) and make global recognition, both for the designers and the origin countries. WFW committee will nominate the potential designers from each member countries, and promote the chosen designers to participate in other country’s fashion week. Back to IFW 2013, 4 designers that teamed up to showcase their latest collection were Samuel Cirnansck (Brazil), Melinda Looi (Malaysia), Addy van den Krommenacker (Netherlands), and Camilla Wellton (Sweden).


Melinda Looi from Malaysia is one of the most influential designer in her country and is renowned for her eclectic vintage creations. Something magical, almost mythical about her collection, inspired by Sunset in Africa. It somehow has a strong resemblance with Carmanita‘s in JFW 2013, in terms of fabric draping and accessories used. Do you also think her collection reminds us of Dian Pelangi’s with the African mood as well? This what beauty of culture is-to see the traditional kain used as bottomwear, similar to the Indonesian traditional pattern, although we can see the difference between the two.



There must be a reason that Camilla Wellton show was arranged during the second day: modest wear. Camilla’s collection did catch the most attention from hijabers and those aspire to modest dressing, especially her winning looks: the statement tops and outerwear. Yes, we adore that unique, yet bold jacket that screams sophistication. Knowing that Camilla’s design always comes from her true, innermost self, I personally think this is the most soulful pieces of fashion I found during IFW 2013. See how blogger Ashfi Ay Parla reviewed this young Stockholm designer in her video blog.



With his design, Addy Van Der Krommenacker (triple spell check passed) from The Netherlands aims to charm rather than shock, and always embraces women’s femininity. He says, “I aspire to bring out the best in women whilst still allowing them to be themselves.” Stunning collection in shiny silvery shades and all over sequined, perfect to steal the spotlight in an evening gala.



Defining Egypt in precious theatrical collection, Samuel Cirnansk from Brazil was showcasing his particular character in scope he’s best known for. Samuel dedicates his taste for the delicate and refined fabrics, achieved by experimenting with new and surprising effects, working with organza, embroidery, very fine muslin and tulle, cleverly set up using moulage techniques.