Current Obsession: Massage Oil

Of late, I have been obsessing over massage oil. It started with the Clarins Tonic Treatment Body Oil that I got from a set of body products. The sensation was ethereal. People said that when you’re doing a massage session, it’s not just about the acupressure technique applied by the masseuse but the sensation that comes from a certain scent can help you relax. You know how when you go to the spa, they help to set the tone of your treatment with the dimmed light, music, aromatherapy oil and so on? Well, when I’m at home, I just shut my eyes and let the scent of the massage oil guides me to a relaxed state.

One other thing about massage oil is that it helps your masseuse’s hands glide ever so easily on your body as they apply pressure to your sore muscle.

Here are currently my favourite massage oils:

1. Clarins Tonic Treatment Body Oil IDR 580,000 (100ml)

It’s no surprise that this is Clarins’s #1 selling body oil. It has a heavenly scent of the mixtures of Rosemary, Geranium and Mint. It has that herbs scent of Rosemary with a slight bitterness of Mint. No, don’t expect a cooling sensation on your skin just because it contains mint. It just feels like any other oil. It has the weight and thickness of normal oil that you know. Rumour has it, this oil is well-known among masseuses because it’s known to help firm, tone and improve elasticity of the skin, as well as helping smooth out the appearance of stretch marks. It’s very well-known as well for post-natal treatment because of the promises it gives. You can also use this daily on your tummy and buttocks area to smooth out the appearance of stretch marks.

There are two other variants from Clarins, they are Anti Eau and Relax Treatment Body Oil. But personally, this is my favourite, because both Anti Eau and Relax has a stronger bitter end on their scents.


2. The Body Shop Harmonising Massage Oil IDR 139,000 (100ml)

I couldn’t help but to think of how very Harnn & Thann the scent of this massage oil. Considering Harnn & Thann is the go- to place for Thai massage, of course I would strongly associate Thai inspired blend with them. This oil contains Lemongrass essential oil, which is a very common ingredient for Thai massage oil. It says that it can make your body and soul drift to peaceful serenity. It does in some way feel very soothing after a very tiring day. Albeit having Lemongrass as its main ingredient, the scent doesn’t have any citrus feeling at all. Additionally, it also contains tamarind, marula oil to moisturise the skin and organic soy oil rich in essential fatty acids to help repair skin’s moisture barrier so it will stay smooth and supple.

Most importantly, what I love about it is the price tag! It’s comparably very affordable in comparison to my favourite Clarins’s oil.

3. The Body Shop  Sensual Massage Oil IDR 139,000 (100ml)

Another one from The Body Shop! It’s a blend of Polynesian ylang ylang, kukui and Tahitian vanilla which are potent aphrodisiac properties to your sensory. So, this is the perfect massage oil if you want to ask your partner to give you a little treat. I personally love it because the ylang ylang scent is not too strong and the creamy vanilla envelops the whole thing perfectly. I’m a vanilla person, so the vanilla is what sold me right away here. It also contains marula oil and organic soy oil.


4. Minyak Urut Zaitun Sariayu

I think when it comes on the natural scented ingredients, you can always trust Sariayu for one. Olive oil usually has very little or no scent at all, except that oil scent. But this one has a slight scent to it which I can’t comprehend what it is – it’s neither rose nor neroli, the other two ingredients within this massage oil. But given the price of this product, it’s definitely a steal for a massage oil. Another good thing about this product is that it’s slightly thinner in consistency, but not runny, compared to the other massage oils.

I’ve also used the first three as a replacement of body lotion when my skin feels really dry or after a body scrub session. How? Let me tell you about  that in another post.

What about you, do you have any massage oil that you can recommend for me?