Tuesday Timepiece: Something That You Could Wear for Special Occasions

When you go to a formal party or even wedding party, don’t you get confused on which watch to wear to match your jewelries and outfit? You don’t want something that’s too big, because it won’t match your overall look. Even the normal-sized women watches would be too big and overpowering for delicate outfits such as kebaya, cocktail dress or evening gown.

So what kind of watch should you wear to a formal event? Here are a few pointers for you:

  1. It has to be delicate-looking and small in size. Not your regular daily watch size, but smaller.
  2. Stick with the metal kind, because they look preppier. Watches with a leather band look too casual in my personal opinion.
  3. Choose a watch with the same colour with your jewelries. If you choose silver, stick with silver coloured watch and the same thing goes when you wear a gold jewelries. But if you’re wearing both, you have the freedom to choose either a silver or gold watch.
  4. The watch should compliment your whole look as well as your jewelries. If your watch is already the centre of attention – the jewelry looking kind – then stick with it and go minimal with your other accessories.

This photo of Diane Kruger at the Vanity Fair Oscar party portrays what I’m talking about.

I love how she pairs the black and white look by pairing it with diamond earrings and bangle. Ah, wait, it’s actually a watch not a bangle!

The watch that Diane Kruger wore in the above picture is a Jaeger-LeCoultre Joaillerie 101 Art Déco Watch in white gold and diamonds. It’s slim with a square shaped watch head unit and the diamonds surrounding the unit make it more jewelry-like rather than a watch. Like I said above, in a case like this, let the watch be the centre of attention.

What about you girls, what watch do you usually wear to formal occasions?