Today’s Outfit; Sarung Variations for IFW 2013

In comparison to the other leading fashion week in Indonesia – in Jakarta, in this case – I’m always more enthusiastic to explore IFW. The main reason is because it’s not only fashion week where well-known designers showcase their newest collections on the runway, but it also involves the biggest fashion trade show or exhibition. It’s enlightening to discover so many best local products, something we can’t easily find everyday and make you even prouder for our national products.

On to today’s highlight: sarung. Since its first year, IFW has a mission to socialize sarung, promote it as Indonesian fashion icon, so we can associate sarung as an everyday wear. Well, why don’t we support this? Plus, its a challenge for me to create different looks with sarung.  It was also heartwarming to see many people wore it in IFW, as if its their “normal” everyday wear.

I don’t have many sarung in its original shape, only one piece to be exact, a gift from my mother-in-law. Of course, it’s not accustomed for me to wear sarung, unlike Muslim men who always need one for praying. But in many culture in Indonesia, sarung is also a staple piece for women. Well, for this fashion matter, it’s not necessarily the original sarung. A customized one or anything sarung-like will do.

On the first day, I wore this blue plaid sarung Melayu, already altered into a wrapped skirt which is actually a part of a baju kurung set. Instead of wearing them together, I opted for this mid-sleeve top, to brighten up the look (I always believe in good mixture of blue and yellow). I took these photos on Detail Attitude booth, a new concept of semi-finish accessories and attachment for clothing industry, and also in Up2date booth, beside this sophisticated lady in nautical outfit (psst, this navy-white stripes set will soon be mine! :p)


Polkadot shawl | Ana Soe mustard top | custom made melayu sarung | Next Time watch | Godin shoes


On the second day, I went with this original sarung that belongs to my hubby. As much as being a spontaneous person who chooses her outfit in an instant, I had to prepare this mix a day before! Which top is the perfect match for ala ‘teluk belanga’ sarung style, how to tie it so it wouldn’t fall off, and the accessories. Unfortunately, I forgot to prepare the matching hijab. So the next morning, I had to rush to catch my train, so I just grabbed this maroon shawl, tied it in the simplest and most basic way, then took off. I even didn’t get a chance to put on makeup. That day was basically such a mess, since I didn’t want to be late for that day’s schedule, which was the presentation of Muslim fashion.

It was definitely my bad hijab day, if there’s such a thing. The shawl was so limp that I had to re-adjust it over and over, not to mention that I  forgot to bring extra pins. Ouch!

Shawl, kimono top, obi: unbranded | Zara skinny jeans | Hush Puppies wedges


On to the third day. On  the last day of  fashion week, I wore this sarung-like lurik skirt from Philip Iswardono. He’s a designer from Jogja, specialized in lurik, a traditional woven cloth mainly from Jogja and Central Java. His brand, Konsep by Philip, was selected in Starting Point zone and was also showcased for the first time in IFW 2013.  I bought this runway piece for only IDR 200,000, a sample price for his introductory collection. What a steal!


Square shawl | Stradivarius jacket | Philip Iswardono lurik skirt | batik bag | Roman Joseph boots



I’m sure many of you were also among the crowd in the recent IFW 2013.  So, what was your favorite show or brand? You can share all about this event in the forum thread here.