My Top 5 Picks From Samsung Forum 2013

February 27 was the first day of Samsung forum 2013.  It was the fourth South East Asia, Oceania and Taiwan forum, so it was no surprise that I bumped into lots foreign journalists there.  During this event, Samsung unveiled new products that will be launched around March or April of this year.  As of now, these new products are not yet available in Indonesia.  At least, now we know the awesome gadgets from Samsung that are worth the wait. Samsung’s 2013 lineup of products demonstrates the company’s commitment to Asia and its vision where technology enables consumers to discover a world of possibilities, as taken from Samsung Press Release

They mean it.  Samsung is bringing innovative products that are very helpful for us on a daily basis.  Nowadays, people and technology are inseparable.  We use technology every single day for work, connecting with people, reading or keeping up with news, creating a presentation, among many others.  So, with the smart technology that Samsung offers, it will help us with our daily tasks greatly.

There were many awesome products there at Samsung forum: from tablet, TV to washing machine.  This article would be too long if I mentioned all of those products.  So I picked my top 5 new, coming-soon products.  In no particular order, here they are :

1. Samsung Ultra High Definition TV

This TV has the highest resolution on the largest screen.  Say hello to the 85-inch display.  It’s SO BIG!  Samsung acknowledges the need of its customers because of the high demand of  big screen TVs.  The bigger the merrier?  :D  If you think this size is too much, Samsung also has smaller sized TVs.  In 2013, Samsung has also redesigned its Smart Hub.  A lot of awesome features that we can find in this TV, such as Voice Control (you can instruct your TV to increase the volume or to change channel), Motion Control (we can zoom in and out, or even “like” a post on Facebook with our hand gesture).  This TV is so smart, hence the name.

Samsung UHD TV 85 inch


Motion Control


2.  Samsung GALAXY Note 8.0

I couldn’t help myself but it reminds me of iPad Mini because the size is somewhat similar.  It’s so small that  I can grab it with one hand.  If you’re looking for a new tablet, this is probably the one.  Tablet, e-book reader, diary, planner, all in one.  Equipped with Android 4.1.2  Jelly Bean, it has 1.6 GHz Quad Core Processor and 2GB RAM.  5MP for a main camera is enough in my opinion for a tablet and 1.3MP for front camera is great.  If you think GALAXY Note 10.1 is too big or GALAXY Note 2 is too small like I do, we have to wait for this one to be available in Indonesia.  Another interesting thing about GALAXY Note 8.0 is it has an improved S-Planner: it is more personal.  If you love writing and organizing things, you will love the improved S-Planner.  Not to mention, it comes with an evolved S Pen that I found very handy.


Samsung GALAXY Note 8.0


3.  Samsung GALAXY Camera

I bet you’re already familiar with this camera. If you’re not familiar with it, you can read Hanzky’s article of her GALAXY camera here and Lita also posted an article about it here.  Samsung GALAXY Camera is actually already available in Indonesia, but not this particular one in RED color.  I’m falling in love with this chic red camera right away after I saw it!  ARGH!  Speaking of fashionable, hellooo, you couldn’t ask for more with this gorgeous red.  Let me give you a few details. With 16.3MP, 21x optical zoom, pop-up flash, and optical image stabilization, it is more than enough.  This is an Android camera, which means we can use SIM card (it has Wi-Fi, too, if you’re wondering), so we can easily upload our photos to Instagram, Twitter, Path, Facebook, basically every social media that you can think of, anytime!  We can also chat with our friends using Whatsapp, Chat On, or other chat apps.  Sounds great? That’s why I want it so bad.  I guess I’d have to wait until it’s available in Indonesia.


Samsung GALAXY Camera


maximum zoom

4.  Samsung NX300

Another great camera from Samsung!  Samsung Press Release mentioned that The compact NX300 makes it simple for anyone to achieve pro-like and impressive pictures easily with minimal technical knowledge or time spent adjusting parameters. In my opinion, this is the semi-DSLR camera, because we can get great quality images with less effort.  Who doesn’t love that?  With 20.3 MP APS-C CMOS sensor, no doubt it can capture great details and show beautifully in its 84mm AMOLED screen.  This is a great option if you think DSLR camera is too bulky as Samsung NX300 has a smaller body.  Like DSLR cameras with lenses, Samsung also has lenses for us to choose from. During the forum,  Samsung announced the new NX 45mm F1.8 2D/3D lens; the first one-lens 3D system capable of capturing both still-images and full HD movies in perfect 3D quality.  We can also share and transfer photos instantly, thanks to its Wi-Fi connectivity.


you choose which lens you like :D

5.  Samsung  New Series 7 Chronos

I’m getting tired with my old laptop.  Not the one that I use in the office, that one’s new, haha, but my personal laptop needs to retire.  It’s very annoying when I have to do a lot of things like editing photos, opening many tabs at once, writing documents, and then my laptop freezes.  Like seriously?  Can’t you do that later, my dear laptop?

I was very excited when I saw Samsung New Series 7 Chronos.  It claims to be “The Professional, Powerful Performer Laptop” and just by looking and reading the specs, OH MY, you got me.  As all of us know, Samsung always gives the best display on their products.  This one is no exception.  Full HD display (1920×1080) with 15.6 inch screen is a feast for the eyes.  Equipped with Windows 8, Samsung New Series 7 Chronos packs a powerful Intel quad-core processor with up to 16GB of memory, up to 1TB of storage (1 TERA!!!) and 2GB external graphics.  It can last for 11 hours.  For those of you who love watching movies or listening to music from your laptop, don’t worry, it comes with JBL stereo speakers.  There’s also another option if you’re looking for a smaller size.  Samsung Series 7 Ultra is more travel friendly since it’s lighter and slimmer.  So it all depends on your needs.


Samsung New Series 7 Chronos


Samsung Series 7 Ultra


I admit, attending the event was a torture with pleasure.  It was a torture because I want them all.   You can ask any Female Daily Crew because when I returned to the office, I was still ecstatic because I was in love with all of them!  On top of that, I really want the red Samsung GALAXY camera, and it’s not available, yet.  *sob*  Okay, enough with the drama.  I’m glad to be invited to Samsung Forum 2013 because I was able to test these products even just for a moment.

I honestly think you have to consider these products if you’re looking for a new camera, tablet, TV, laptop, or even washing machine.  Mommies Daily will post the household products, soon.  With its reasonable price and great quality, Samsung is indeed stepping forward.  :)