5 Items to Knock Down that Jet-Lagged Looking Face

Travelling might be fun for the tired soul. Be it travelling for holiday or business trip, but a change of scenery always excites me, and you too probably. One thing about travelling that I don’t like though is jet lag! Forget about time zone differences. I’m talking about different kind of jet lags. I’m talking about the change of scenery which also means that you’re placed in an unfamiliar surrounding and schedule. Even though you’re staying at the utmost comfortable hotel in the world, I bet it still needs some getting used to. Lacking in sleep with too many things to do contributing in the jet-lagged looking face!

Travelling always does this to me. But there are products that we can use to get rid of jet lag to stay looking fresh throughout your journey. Here are five things that work wonders for me in getting rid of the jet-lagged looking face while travelling.

1.  The perfect eye mask – Talika Eye Decompress

One thing that I hate so much from lack of sleep is eye bags and dark under eye circles. The horror. I love this product so much because it’s convenient – a capsule mask that you drop into the solvent on a different container of the same package – that is tightly packaged for one application. It feels cooling and breezy, you definitely feel fresh immediately after. And gone are the eye bags and slightly better dark under eye circles.

2.  Face spray for a quick face freshener – Avene Eau Thermale Spray

This is a must have item. I even bring a smaller bottle on board with me. Because once you landed and stepped out of the airplane, the high altitude will cause drying on your face. Spray this Avene Eau Thermale just before you step off the plane, and your face is back to looking fresh in a jiffy. The same thing goes for every time you feel tired and it starts to shows on your face. Just spray this to your face and let it dry naturally.

It also doubles up as a toner, so you don’t need to bring one, and it can be used for areas irritated by the sun or any external factors.

3. Trade moisturizer with beauty oil

Beauty oil is the talk of the town at the moment because it’s a multipurpose product and the advantages for the skin have been proven. But what I love about it is that it feels lightweight on the skin and it seeps in very fast. It nourishes the skin better than moisturizer when you’re tired. But you have to know the trick to use it. Here’s how: spray a bit of face spray like Avene Eau Thermale on your palm (a drop or two) and put a several drops (around 3 to 5, according to your preferences) of your beauty oil on top of it and mix it between your palms and warm it up then apply it on your face. The mix of water and oil will immediately nourish your face. My current choice is the Josie Maran Argan Oil or Trilogy Rosehip Oil, both argan and rosehip oil are famously used for the face.

4. Healthy looking glow for the face – BB Cream

Just any BB Cream, really. Apply thinly on your face and even the most tired looking face will look dewy and it gives that lit from within glow. I found this to be the greatest antidote for a tired face. It also gives the benefit of sun protection, a little hydration as well as evening out your complexion. My current choice is the Pond’s Age Miracle BB Cream that combines the anti-ageing ingredients that  also can be found in its skincare line so it feels more hydrating.

5. For a real glow on the face – Highlighter

Highlighting powder is the secret of making your face looks so fresh even though you’re actually tired. Apply it on the right places, such as the inner corner of your eyes to make you look awake and on the cupid bow of the lips. That’s the two most important spots to immediately freshen up your makeup. My choice would fall into the famous Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick. With different colours in one block I can also double this up as eye shadows and safe me some space in my luggage.


How about you? Do you have any other smart tricks for us?


  • http://www.facebook.com/dwiastuti.puspitorini Dwiastuti Puspitorini

    i always keep a bottle of hydrolat, eye cream , concelear , powder and wet tissue on ma bag. i mix the eye cream with concelear and apply it on my eyes, this will quickly refresh the look of tired eyes. i also spray my face with hydrolat as often as possible.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dwiastuti.puspitorini Dwiastuti Puspitorini

    i also always bring a bottle of peppermin essential oil. i sniff from the bottle directly when i feel dizzy, or sick, the aroma always works for my headache, motion sickness and tired, sore muscles