Victoria Beckham Shows Her Masculine Side During NYFW Fall 2013

Who doesn’t know Victoria Beckham? David Beckham’s wife has many jobs: mom,wife,  singer, and designer. When we talk about her career in fashion, you can see how she progresses with time. London isn’t the only place where she shows her design. She also participated in New York Fashion Week (NYFW) a few years ago. This year, she came back to NYFW in Fall 2013 to show her latest design.

This season, she highlighted menswear theme into the show.  Her collection is, as usual, great with the usual modern, simple, and chic style. You can see neutral colors mixed with neon colors,  creating color-blocking effect and also instilling simple cutting and layers technique. Since Victoria Beckham herself really knows how to dress masculine-ly, and at the same time showcasing the feminine beauty, I trust her design to be similar of her personal style as well. She also believes that every girl can show her manly side from fashion. So, what can we learn from her NYFW Fall 2013 collection?


1. Turtleneck? Bring it ON!

Do you have any turtlenecks in your wardrobe? If yes, you can try to wear it now. Sometimes, Indonesian women worry about wearing a turtleneck because they think it makes them look old. Wearing a turtleneck dress or sweater makes you look stronger and in  a way, cool. There’s nonchalant attitude with wearing a turtleneck. Turtlenecks will look even better for those of you with a long neck.



2. Blazer shows an edge of professionalism to your look

I believe Victoria was born to be a professional designer. She created this amazing black blazer. I love how how the cutting is very well-made and portrays that professionalism edge ro it. From this design, we can also learn that you don’t have to worry about wearing an all black ensemble. It can even help you look mature and elegant.



3. Neutral Hues + Neon = Brilliant Combination

For the last couple of seasons, our eyes keep seeing neon color-blocking. This year, your eyes can rest peacefully. Neutral colour mixed in one ensemble with bright color – such as sunshine yellow or purple – creating a new way of implementing the color-blocking trend. You can see how she mixes it into one good look. You may want to try this with your masculine look, because the bright color will bring out the feminine side of you.



So, what do you think, girls? Wearing menswear-inspired ensemble isn’t as hard as you originally thought, right?